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Borderline unbelievable inconsistency with customer service (re: price matching)

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Where do I start?


Part 1:

I visited the Maple Grove MN store to get a price match on a desktop PC. I found a lower price on The store first said they don't match from them, then changed their tune once I showed them your own policy from the BBY website. Then they said the register wouldn't let them put in the price adjustment. I found this very hard to believe.


Part 2:

Used your website to get a price match that way. The person I chatted with (Catherine {removed per forum guidelines} was outstanding. She guided me through everything, but we somehow got disconnected right when she was going to send me a secure link to complete the purchase. I was able to save the transcript from this chat.


Part 3:

Here's where the fun begins. I jumped back on the chat, and the new person told me you don't match We then got disconnected.


Part 4:

Got back on the chat again, and after going through the whole thing again, he told me I needed to call your customer service number.


Part 5:

Called the customer service number. The gentleman I spoke to was pleasant and helpful, but it was difficult to get the correct link for sent over the phone.  He recommended I try the online chat again where I can send the link.


Part 6:

Back on the chat.  Sent everything over again, again waited the 5 or so minutes to get an answer to the request.  Was told that you couldn't match the price because it was an Earth Day special.  Asked where he saw that. Viewed TigerDirect's Earth Day specials page. The PC in question was not on it. Waited another 9 minutes. I was then told that it was a bundle offer, and BBY doesn't match bundle offers. The deal was NOT a bundle offer. Was sent a link from the rep. The link went to TigerDirect's desktops page, where it says "Desktop Computer Bundles".  That heading was for a different window, not the whole page.  If it was for the whole page, then EVERY PC that TigerDirect sells would be considered a bundle.  I have the transcript for this chat.


I mean honestly, if BBY doesn't want to match the price, just admit it.


TigerDirect Link:

{removed per forum guidelines}


BBY Link:


Earth Day deals:

{removed per forum guidelines}


Link showing it's a so-called bundle:

{removed per forum guidelines}


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Re: Borderline unbelievable inconsistency with customer service (re: price matching)

Honestly no idea why this wasn't honored.  1. The company TigerDirect is specifically listed as an online competitor we match 2. The item, while it appears it is a rather steep discount, meets the criteria and is not part of some limited sale 3. The full model number and UPC matches between the two items.  4. Yes it shows up on a bundle page but is clearly a single item sku, it looks like TigerDirect's "bundles" page is broken with all those single items showing up.  


Did you try the management of the store you visited?   Even our price match FAQ calls out that we match even if below cost, so long as all the other criteria is met.  I wish you the best of luck, hopefully the moderators can help out. 

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Re: Borderline unbelievable inconsistency with customer service (re: price matching)

I appreciate your looking at this and seeing my point.  The largest frustration was showing and/or describing to the BBY employees their own policy and being told that I'm wrong.


I spoke to three different people at the physical store, and I believe one of them was a manager.  I'm not 100% certain of that.  The one I think was a manager was wearing a Geek Squad shirt.


On the chat, the last person I spoke with specifically told me that he had consulted with his supervisor, and they declined the price match request.

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Re: Borderline unbelievable inconsistency with customer service (re: price matching)

Hey, Iceman42!

Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you had when trying to get a price match via several different avenues. This doesn't sound like the service that we strive for, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience as a result!


From our Price Match Guarantee, we certainly match! While we wouldn't match a "special daily or hourly sale," that doesn't look to be the case for this item. Bundle pricing also does not qualify for a price match, though this item doesn't appear to be a bundle offer, either. I'd like to take a closer look here and see what I can do to help. 


Please send me a private message, utilizing the link in my signature below, with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.






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