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Bestbuy store manager: Cancelled my order and said to me - "I can deny anyones purchase"

So I was able to purchase the graphics card online during bestbuys online drop. I placed order for 2 items in two different order ids -
1. SKU: 6479686
2. SKU: 6471952


I placed these orders online on Thursday, 12/23/2021. The instore pickup got ready on 12/30/2021. I got the email that instore pickup is ready. I went to the store but on my way I got email that the order was cancelled.


When I reached the store, I asked the BestBuy store manager about it. He said my account is flagged. He thinks I am a reseller since I was able to buy 2 of those high demand items online. If it was 1 item, he said I would have given it. I gave him the proof that I am not a reseller, I am buying it for myself and my family by sharing photots of my gaming rig and my mining rigs (I do it as a hobby). The store manager said he can deny anyone to sell an item if he wishes too. It's store policy as per him. (I was stumped, since I though I am living in 2021 and not some 200 years ago in 1800). He was very rude. Store location - Issaquah, WA, 98027.


How can I purchase these high demand items that I had bought with so much effort?


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Re: Bestbuy store manager: Cancelled my order and said to me - "I can deny anyones purchase&quo

The store manager can refuse to sell any item at any time. Try buying just 1 item next time. Sounds like he was ok with that.