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Best buy loosing over $300 revenue from me. Just don't want to be on phone for 1.5 hours.

I really hope someone reads this from customer service somewhere through best buy if they don't want to miss out on over $300 that I owe them.


My name is Jacob. I set up an appointment on the 30th of March to get a remote start installed on a 2014 honda CRV. I got the remote start installed and it's working pretty well. Only thing is for some reason, I got an email from best buy saying that I didn't show up for the appointment and they refunded my total amount for a little over $300. So... If you want to look up my information, and check this out, I would! I'm tired of spending 1.5 hours on the phone trying to reach someone and there is no email to send information to. If I didn't have a conscious, I could have easily not said anything, but someone needs to know this is happening because they're going to be loosing a lot of money potentially. You can contact me at the information I left at that date from my appointment slot. (PS, if someone does read this, for some reason the original remote starts the car when you hit the lock button twice in a row, which it's not suppose to do and it kinda annoying when I'm walking somewhere and lock my car and the car starts up as I'm walking away from it. I would like to get that fixed. If no one reads this, I guess I can deal with that problem for a little over $300)


Thank you.