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Best Buy won't process gift card retund

I purchased a gift card originally for a gift for a family member, but had second thoughts as the amount on the card wouldn't cover what my family member wanted to purchase, so I used the card to purchase earphones that I could use, and wanting to go shopping with my family member at Best Buy or another store so they could buy their item with me covering their purchase as their gift.


So I traded in an old pair of cordless Apple earphones to get a newer model, in the process of doing this, for some reason, due to a register processing error, the store clerk couldn't issue the refund on my gift card but got a new gift card and issued it on that one. So now there are two gift cards in play. 


Upon turning home the family member said they would have wanted the old earphones that I traded. So I returned to the store, and after pleading to reverse the trade in, (and originally being told I couldn't despite the ear phones still being there in the store, this was all done on the same day within an hour of each store visit), I got the old ear phones back, and returned the new ones purchased, and gave them to my family member, but the store manager insisted on keeping my gift card as "colllateral" since she couldn't issue the refund and had to contact corporate to get the refund on  my gift card approved. Mind you, I was the one who orignally purchased the card, no other person was involved!


Here I am, after being told this process would take 48 hours tops, 5 days later, and Best Buy still has my gift card in their posession, and the funds on it are essentially frozen until they decide to issue the refund. We are talking over $200. I will never purchase another gift card at Best Buy again, and would urge others not to do so as well.

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Re: Best Buy won't process gift card retund

Hi there, Rbee01,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on Best Buy Forums, and welcome to our online community. 


I can certainly understand wanting your Gift Card refund in a timely manner.


I would be happy to look into this closer and assist where possible. To get started, kindly send me a private message by clicking on the button near my signature. Be sure to include your full name, phone number, and email address, along with any relevant order number(s) or Customer Service PIN(s) from your receipt.

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