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Best Buy straight up robbed me from my ps5

On Christmas Eve my boyfriend and I went to go pick up our ps5. We wanted to pick it up inside but since there was no option offered due to COVID-19 I followed their curbside pick-up instructions. As I arrived, I parked in the advertised curbside pick-up parking, followed the instructions, entered the parking space I was parked in and the color of my car. within 40 seconds I received an email from best buy. I took a screenshot so I could view the email because I thought it was odd. The email was stating that I had received my item. No employee had even greeted us or verified who I was and what I was there for in that time frame. I had just parked. I tried not to freak out about it, finally, someone comes out to my car after 15 minutes and asked to see my order number and checks my I.D goes back inside, and leaves us there for 30mins. Another employee walks to my car a few minutes later and asked if we were there for the ps5 I said yes then he walks back inside. 20 minutes go by and nothing. finally, my boyfriend goes inside the store to see what was happening. He asked the manager what was going on the manager tells him to go back to the car rudely. My boyfriend tells them that we had been waiting for almost an hour and he wanted an answer. The manager replies with "well we don't know where it is at so we are reviewing the cameras". They all walk out and both the store manager and manager concluded that their employees had given it to someone at the drive through line with my name on a I.D and the color of my car and order number. I told them that was impossible because I was never at the drive through line, I was parked and even put the spot number I was parked at. The employee that auctioned off my ps5 in that line also confirmed that my I.D wasn't the one he saw nor the person he gave it to. They refused to call best buy customer service for us. They told us we could do it ourselves and they should be able to refund us our money. and also said they couldn't do anything for us because the employee gave it to someone with the same name and the order number matching. I thought it was a joke because we never used the drive through, we parked and followed the instructions. We stayed there for another hour trying to get through to someone in customer service to get a refund after being hung up on a few times finally someone was able to help us out. Weeks later I called them back because I never heard anything from them and I was told my case wasn't even opened. In the end, I received an email from that case saying that I had to get in contact with that store and that store would issue the refund. The general manager was the one that refused to help us out! She refused to admit fault when clearly their employee didn't do their job correctly! So now I'm out of $500 and a ps5. This is not okay and has been a nightmare. Over a month now and best buy customer service can't help me out. How is this okay for Best Buy to do? If anyone can help me or advise me on who I can reach out to about this i'd appreciate it! I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone that uses Best Buy services. This is so wrong in many different levels!

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Re: Best Buy straight up robbed me from my ps5

Hey, grogu,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Forums. I am sorry to hear that you did not receive your PS5, this was such an exciting console release, and I can understand your disappointment fully. Further, it sounds like you have been waiting for a refund or resolution for some time, and I'm sorry to hear that as well.


I can imagine it has been quite frustrating waiting for a resolution, only to be bounced around a bit between the store and corporate customer service. This doesn't sound like the service that we strive for at all, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience as a result. 


I'd like to take a look into this and see what I can do to help out. Please send us a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and order number and I can get started! 




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Re: Best Buy straight up robbed me from my ps5