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Best Buy sold me a used Playstation 5 as new the day before Christmas

We purchased the Ps5 a week ago and was set to be picked up on the 23rd. It's a Christmas gift, so we wanted to install all the updates and games so it's ready to be played. When opened, there were some threads the bottom of the box but didn't think much of it. Then the inner white box had some damage but okay, as long as the hardware was fine we didn't care. Then the front white plate had a very slight round-ish discoloration/stain right in the center but maybe it's a factory defect and it wasn't that bad anyway , but the final straw was the  dust in the vents. Definitely a used console.



To make a long story short, we called over the phone and they basically just told us to go to the store where we could ask for a compentation between $150-250 if they couldn't make an exchange. We went and they told us to call to basically do the thing we already did. We declined and they brought out their tech guy who wanted to trick us by saying that if we turn it on and if there isn't a playstation account registered, then it's new. He was dumbfounded when we just replied "you know factory reset is a thing, right?". Another guy identified the front plate discoloration as a marking from it being held in a display case, confirming that it most likely was a unit that was used as a show model.




They then tried to wash their hands off the responsibility and blamed us by saying we should have opened the box and checked the console before leaving the store (as if anyone actually does that and if curbside pick up didn't exist). When disputed, they offered about a hundred bucks of store credit without any warranty for an item that's been on for who knows how many hours every day with little ventilation. Of course we declined. They then 'promised' to set aside a new console when it's available to replace the one we have so we can still have a present to give  and come back in a month or so when they would have more in stock. 


So we took home the console but grew suspicious on the promise and decided to call again over the phone. They said there's no way they can honor a promise like that or extend the return period and confirmed that if the wait goes over that time period, then there wouldn't be anything we could do.



There's a little more to the story like how how the guy from the store was on the phone with the escalations department and said "be careful, it's a her" right before handing his phone to my wife but that's the gist of it. This is an embarrassing situation in which they tried to make fools of us, lied right to our faces, made false promises and didn't offer anything meaningful as compensation for their blunder. It's a used item  with potential for failure with no warranty and a just a hundred bucks discount won't cover that, plus the gas money, plus all the time we wasted and the stress/disappointment of having a defective present.


It took us months to be able to get this unit, and will take months again to be able to get another one, now with no certainty that they will give us a console in the condition it's promised to be at. This is embarrassing and we expect better from Best Buy and woould like further help moving forward. Thank you

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Re: Best Buy sold me a used Playstation 5 as new the day before Christmas

Hello, Xenogears_V,


Thank you for reaching out about this. We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this exciting investment. When I purchase merchandise, especially if the item is intended to be a gift, I expect it to be in pristine condition. I understand that wasn’t the outcome, which is extremely surprising. Returning to the store where this item was picked up was the right thing to do, although it sounds like you are still in need of assistance with a resolution. I want to be sure I have a clear understanding of the situation, so I can determine if I may have any options available to assist.


If you need further support, please send a Private Message. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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