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Best Buy sold me a counterfeit product in box and is refusing the exchange

On 9/2 I placed a curbside pickup order for a Dyson Airwrap Complete - a 550 dollar hairdryer that straightens, dries and curls hair. Even though I had a few hundred dollars in Amazon gift cards I was apprehensive to make such an expensive purchase online and decided to make the purchase from a retail store I thought I knew and trusted. I picked up the Dyson and had used the product for approximately two weeks before realizing that I needed to register the product with Dyson to receive the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. When I went to register the product I had purchased from the 814 Bucktown store, I noticed that the serial number on the product itself did not match the serial number that was on both the box and the warranty card. Relieved that I purchased the product from a physical store and not an online retailer I went back to the Bucktown store around 4pm today to make the exchange. After explaining the issue with the mismatched serial numbers to customer service, Zack told me he would need a supervisors override to make the exchange. After 20 minutes of waiting, David was the supervisor who came back. Upon arrival he immediately told us that there was nothing he could do due to the fact that the serial numbers did not match and that there is no way that he sold it to us like that. There was no apology or empathy that a mix up may have happened with the manufacturer and it was no longer his problem but ours. My partner and I were clearly visibly upset after hearing this news that there was nothing that he could do because I had intentionally purchased the product from a physical Best Buy store to avoid something like this from happening. When we asked to speak to someone above him to see if they could process the exchange we were approached by Ariel with the same accusatory “nothing we can do for you” attitude. Again, no sorry, no sympathy or no help with a solution for us. In fact, she was threatening to kick us out of the store for being visibly upset as we should have been because i spent 600 dollars with tax on a product that I couldn’t even register with the manufacturer for a warranty. We were then told to call Best Buy corporate since there was no one in the store who could resolve our issue. I just got off the phone with them an hour and 45 minutes later and after speaking to four different people I still don’t have a way to exchange the product. I was given a case number and was told that a call center supervisor should be returning my call tomorrow after the only advice given was to try to take it back to another Best Buy store and hope for the best. I’m really disappointed and appalled by the customer service we received at this Bucktown location by both David and Ariel. After severql hours on the phone with 888-BestBuy, multiple reviews on social media and even a complaint to the attorney general I'm still waiting for corporate or for the general manager of this store to contact me and resolve what should have been a simple exchange at customer service.

After not being able to resolve the issue through Best Buy, I contacted Dyson. Dyson confirmed the serial number on the product I received in the box from this store is likely counterfeit and I'll need to drive out to their service center in Schaumburg to have the product inspected. Best Buy sold me a fake Dyson most likely through another customer's return and the company won't take any action or responsibility.
You know what's sad? I bet if Amazon sold me a counterfeit item and I reported it, it would have been much easier to exchange. Can't wait to dispute this with my credit card company and never shop at Best Buy again! Do yourself a favor and do not do business with these guys.
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Re: Best Buy sold me a counterfeit product in box and is refusing the exchange

Welcome to our community, Rigbydog23.


I can think of little that would upset me more than encountering the type of issue with a product that you've described. Certainly I too would have the not unreasonable expectation of assistance with the issue and I regret that you were unable to find the help you anticipated during your visit to our Bucktown location. I apologize for our having disappointed you.


On looking into your situation, I note you have been working with my peer Andrew via Twitter. I encourage you to continue working with him toward a resolution.


Thank you for bringing these circumstances to our attention.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Buy sold me a counterfeit product in box and is refusing the exchange

I’ve been dealing with Andrew and this is still unresolved.