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Best Buy return incompetence, malfeasance

I purchased an iPhone 12 Black, 128GB for Sprint outright, so @ $880. However, there was a trade in promotion that brought it down to $679, specifically it was an iPhone SE (2020, 64GB, good condition) that brought the price down to that level, because it was worth $200 per Best Buy’s trade in assessment. Mind you, this is true (it is worth around $180-220) on Best Buy’s trade in program *irrespective* of carrier promotions.
I paid for pickup with three gift cards: one with $200, one with 400, and one with around $97, and lastly a credit card for around $48-50.
The total was 742.89. That entire sum - the 742.89 I paid before pickup - is independent of the $200 trade in value. It was my own funds, and I’ve the gift cards as proof.

I returned my iPhone 12 yesterday, and initially was given a $200 credit for my trade in. Great, I thought. I had paid with 3 Best Buy E Gift Cards and a credit card, so I presumed those had been refunded automatically and the $200 was for the phone I traded in.

Not so. The associate failed to complete the transaction, because I checked my E Gift Card Balances - empty. I promptly returned to the store, asked that the associate explain and rectify the situation. He acknowledged his failure and called for a manager’s aid.

Unfortunately, the situation only gets worse from here, which seems to be a recurring theme with Best Buy, much like an old joke about Russian history.
The manager inquired on the steps he took and pointed out that he’d forgone an entire process - so we went through the second part to get the rest of my money back. Mind you I’d only gotten $200 on a gift card - which both the associate and the email said was *for the trade-in*, AKA my SE. So I’m still out 742.89, or maybe $700 after a restocking fee. The manager continues, takes a restocking fee (fine) and then suggests she owes me only 497.89 left. This is nonsensical. If I had *manually* gone in and traded in an iPhone for $200, and then bought the same iPhone 12 128GB using my gift cards and credit card ($742.89), I could do so for around $970 after tax easily, which is essentially what I actually paid. But since the trade in was a part of some “promotion” that was automated and took $200 off the total I paid before pickup - there seems to be an error in the accounting systems. Even after a restocking fee; returning my phone and ending up with about $700 in Best Buy Credit and no original phone (fine, can I have my SE back? Unlikely.) is illogical & insulting on even an elementary playing field.

I suggested there was an error, and that the trade in money had been taken off the price of the item & was returned to me via the gift card, but the system took it off of the amount I *actually paid* after the associate handed me $200, which is why it suggested I was only owed another $497 or whatever. The manager was belligerent at my suggestion and seemed to lack a conceptual understanding of how money works despite her obvious age - and accused me of lying several times throughout the return. We called Best Buy “Bridge” support but to no avail, I actually explained it to the corporate support employee and she understood exactly what I meant but could not help me, and the manager hung up on corporate after I gave the phone back. I eventually left as she dismissed my official records from my Best Buy App in the purchase payment method.

So to recap:
I paid $742.89 + $200 (trade in) via
three Best Buy Gift Cards ($400, $200, $97)
a credit card ($47 or so)
in an iPhone SE ($200 Best Buy Credit) for an iPhone 12 128GB on Sprint.

I walked out of a return with about $700 in Best Buy Gift Cards (2), no credit card refund, and no iPhone SE. I thought the initial $200 was a return of the iPhone SE trade in credit; the system instead deducted it from my $742.89 payment. It was 742.89 BECAUSE OF THE TRADE IN CREDIT, THE ACTUAL TOTAL IS IN THE 900’s.

So where’s my other ~$200? Who’s going to rectify this utter disaster? I wasted nearly two hours for this, and what’s more - when I picked up the phone two weeks ago it wasn’t even activated despite the associates insistence otherwise.

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Re: Best Buy return incompetence, malfeasance

At this point, receiving my marginal $200 in Best Buy Credit isn't enough. I place a premium on my time, and while normally I'd let smaller things go (and I did with, say, the activation failure, which I also happen to have documentation of) now it's largely a matter of principle. This is absurd. 

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Re: Best Buy return incompetence, malfeasance

Hey, curmudgeon2,


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us about your experience. Our Trade In promotions are a great way to save some extra money on a new phone, and I have utilized this option several times to save some cash! I'm sorry to hear that this process didn't go as smoothly as we would like for you.


I'd be happy to take a closer look into this and see what I can do to help. Please send us a private message with your full name, email, order number or Customer PIN from the receipt, and phone number, and I can get started.




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