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Best Buy needs better associates that aren’t sexist and stupid

Went in to buy the Xbox One X Jedi Fallen Order bundle for my husband. He wanted this bundle not only because it would be a console upgrade, with a game he's wanted since he found out it was in the making, but it also came with 3 months of Live Gold FREE. I went and paid and when I got to the car I checked the receipt and saw no code for Live Gold. I went inside to speak to customer service associates, and my husband had told me that usually with the free gold promotions they would scan a Live Gold card then just deduct the amount after they hit total. So when I got to the counter, one of the associates (Associate 1) said they'd been having problems with this, and apologized. Then Associate 1 asked another associate (Associate 2) how it needed to be done properly. So Associate 2 says "First you need to refund it and then sell it again. After you refund it and start a new transaction, you need to scan a Gold card, the cost should automatically be taken off". As soon as I heard that I thought, "He must know what he's doing". *keep in mind, I had even checked the labeling on the box, but it said there was only ONE month of gold included, ONE month of GamePass, and ONE month of EA Access*. Anyways, Associate 1 scans it and tries entering the promo, but it wasn't taking off the cost of the gold. So Associate 2 asks if the box doesn't say anything about it. If he knows there's been problems, he should know that the box doesn't say anything about THREE months of gold included, instead it's only ONE. So because I'm a woman he thinks I can't read. He tries telling me that the code is in the box and proceeds to show me where it clearly says "1 MONTH". He really must have thought I'm illiterate, don't know the difference between numbers and that I'm stupid enough that he could fool me into thinking it really said 3 months instead of the 1 that I clearly saw before going back into the store. Out of frustration I left because I didn't want to cause a scene. I tried calling corporate, but they can't handle in-store purchases.  I tried calling the store, hoping I could speak to a manager. Another idiot answered that clearly didn't know what they were doing, so I figured I'd give up because everyone I'd spoken to was no help so far. This whole ordeal was so unnecessary but because of the idiots that "tried" to help me, I hope I never have to go back.

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Re: Best Buy needs better associates that aren’t sexist and stupid

Hi, dip,


Thanks so much for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums, and for reaching out to us about this.I'm sorry about that bad experience you had in the store. We never want anyone to feel that they aren't getting great service because of their gender, or anything else.


Please send me a private message through the link in my signature with your name, email address, phone number and customer service PIN from your receipt. I'd like to look into this a bit more deeply.



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