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Best Buy is a joke

Followed the instruction message to get help from a mod, and the site tells me:

You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later.

PS. I havent sent any yet.  So not only does the BB phone number hang up on me, the forum wont help either.

The web page doesnt work, and all my orders get canceled.

Going to take my Elite Plus card back to the store and cut it in half and shop at Amazon.  Tired of this crap.



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Re: Best Buy is a joke

I see this is your first post here. Typically if you need help on this forum you should create a post on what you need help with, then a mod would respond to your posting and then you can send them a message. That's the typical format here. Messaging a mod without posting first sometimes can result in delays.


These forums are also not intended for immediate support so if this is something the phone line or in store can help with this would be your best bet.


That being said, a mod would be happy to help if you give them a chance. So the community appreciates your patience while they get to other customers and then yours.

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Re: Best Buy is a joke

Then the instructions should not read that if you have an issue with canceled orders, please private message a mod, if you cannot do so without airing your laundry in public first.

Thanks for your reponse, however.   


Since it has to be public first, here goes:

Returned a defective TV ordered from and waiting for refund.

Upon refund, bought a OLED at the store, and returned after 12 days as it had a band of bright pixels.  Waited two days using an old plasma, and saw an open box Sony X950H at my local store.  Went down, and bought it on my BB credit card and scheduled delivery for the next day.  Got home, received email order was cancelled by BB for no reason.  Returned to the store, and they said it might be an issue with the BB credit card, so I preauthorized a USAA card with plenty of headroom, and bought the TV again.   Got home and received another email of cancellation.  This time I am somewhat upset, and returned to the store with two friends and a truck.   Bought the TV with a debit card and loaded it into the truck.   Got home and tried to pull up the purchase to add the protection plan, and I am locked out of the "Order status", however, I can see the purchase on the "rewards" page.   Call BB and as instructed by the store manager, asked for the verification team ot determine why my account is flagged to cancel all my ordered.   I am told they dont take calls, but transferred to the credit department, who was busy and their phone system said they would call back after 19 minutes.  After 20 minutes the phone rings, I answer, get some music, and it disconnects.  I call back the original number again, and this time I get transferred directly to the credit department.   They said all that is showing up on their computer was the order I took home, and they saw no issues with my credit.   Suggested calling the banks.   Called Citi (BBY card) and they said I had plenty of credit, not issues.  Called USAA and they said not only did they authorize the payment, but BBY run it through and then 30 minutes later scheduled a refund.  Said it wasnt them.   Verification department unable to be reached.   Cannot call the store manager anymore, as all calls are now routed to a central call center (VERY big mistake).   So, as it stands, I cant order anything through BBY.COM, and have to pay cash in the store and run before they cancel my order.  Cant look it up on the website.   Then to add insult to injury, and once a week, the website tells me I have an invalid password, and makes me change it (right back to the same password).   Apparently those 5000 employees they laid off were needed after all, as I never had an issue before that.   If I was a shareholder, I would dump it fast.


OK, now that I have publically aired the issue, maybe a mod can contact me.

Thanks for your time.

Dave - BBY Elite plus at the moment.

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Re: Best Buy is a joke

Hi there, DaveNLR!


Thanks for posting with us on here, and welcome to the forums! I understand that you're having some trouble with a recent order, as well as with sending us private messages on here. I'm happy to assist you with these concerns, however possible! 


First, I do want to point you in the direction of our Having an issue sending us a Private Message as requested? post, which can probably help with the troubles you are facing in attempting to send us a private message here on the forums. In short, clearing your browser's cookies and cache, as well as signing out and back into you forums account should prevent this issue from occurring.


Now, regarding your main concerns, I've had orders get cancelled unexpectedly myself in the past, so I can definitely understand how you are feeling about this issue. I'm more than happy to take a look into this for you, to try and help get to the bottom of this! I will be sending you a private message directly in a few moments, so please keep an eye out for that message, and get back to us at your earliest convenience! 



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