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Best Buy doesn't want me in their stores!

   This is a situation that happened many years ago; the store that it happened in has long since closed, and any statute of limitations expired long ago.

   I purchased a clock radio for my daughter at a Best Buy store. After I paid for it, the cashier was busy talking with her co-worker and apparently didn't deactivate the security device properly. As I walked out the door and through the security gates with several other people at the same time, the secruity went off. I "foolishly" assumed that being I paid for my purchase, it wasn't me - so I contunued on my way - only to be tackled on the parking lot by a security person. He was quite rude and aggressive towards me, and I demanded the police be called(they refused to do so).

    Hey - mistakes happen - I understand that! But I was never offered any apology whatsoever. I was mad about that part, so I wrote a letter to Best Buy "customer service". They sent me a nice response - told me that "people like me" cost them several hundred thousands of dollars per year,and that they didn't want me in any of their stores. I was confused - how does the cashier not properly deactivating a security device make me a criminal? And if there is some obscure law making it criminal, why wasn't I charged with it when it occured? So I wrote back asking for further details, and got no response. Calls to their "customer service" resulted on me being hung up on.

    Because they told me they told me that they didn't want me in any of their stores, I have stayed out of ALL Best Buys. I run a small computer repair business, and used to buy quite a few computer components from Best Buy. So due to their wishes, I in fact did cost them money.

    This happened many years ago, and I figured it was time to "bury the hatchet" and move on. I posted about this experience on this forum, and it was deleted within minutes. A phone call to "customer service" resulted in me being hung up on once again. So I guess Best Buy still holds a grudge! But to this day - and I am not the smartest guy in the world - I don't understand why.

    So let this be a warning to Best Buy retail shoppers - be ABSOLUTELY sure the cashier deactivates the security device properly, or you will be subject to Best Buy's wrath!

    Let's see how long this stays posted. I'll give it a half an hour. I assure anyone reading this that everything written here is absolutely true, and I left out some details of the shabby treatment I recieved.

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Re: Best Buy doesn't want me in their stores!

Welcome to our community, Craig416.


There is something truly upsetting about being confronted for an act one didn't commit. I once had a similar experience with a retailer and it did leave its mark on me--not physically, but the accusation stung mightily. Like you, I consider myself to be a person of good character and it was painful to have that image of myself besmirched. I regret that this was your experience with Best Buy.


You mentioned that this happened years ago. Has something happened recently that brought this experience back to mind?


Also, I looked into your prior message posted to your community in November 2019. It was not removed due to the nature of your concerns as expressed above, but rather because some of its content did not conform to our Forum and Community Guidelines, and Terms and Conditions.


Regardless, please know that I am grateful you took the time to share your experience with us. It is my hope that your subsequent and future visits to Best Buy were and are much more agreeable.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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