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Best Buy Shakopee refused to accept a return of a mislabeled open item, please help

Last night I went to Best Buy in Shakopee in search of a small LED TV for my office. I've purchased 5 Samsung TV's in the past (all from Best Buy) so I figured I would see if they had a small 32" Samsung in stock. To my surprise, there were 3 of them on the shelf, including one that had an Open Item Discount. The label on the box listed that it was in "Fair" condition with the comment below listing "Dent/Gouge//Crack/Chip". I brought this box to the checkout and spoke with the cashier Val about purchasing a TV in this condition. She said that the TV likely had a minor visible scratch, since it was discounted a mere $37.00 off the $239.99 price, so it certainly is in perfect working order. Figuring I could trust her judgment, I opted to save some money since this is just a small TV for my office that would be seldom used. Val told me if there is anything wrong with the TV beyond that, I could bring it back for full refund before January 16th, alleviating any concern I would have in buying an open box item.


I laid the TV box flat in the back of my Suburban, and drove home. This box was the only thing in the back of my Suburban. Upon arriving home, I took the box inside and placed it in my office, then proceeded to eat dinner with my family. After dinner, I opened the box and took out the TV, which to my surprise, had a 3" spidering crack in the actual screen. I put the TV back in the box immediately and vowed to return this TV for the same TV, but in "New" condition.


I brought the TV back to the Shakopee store today right when they opened at 10am. The associate I first spoke with said she would need to get her manager's approval for the return. She summoned a gentleman named Travis, who proceeded to remove the TV from the box and inspect it. After reviewing, Travis claimed that TV must have gotten damaged in transit and that he could not take it back. I remarked how I transported the TV and explained that all I did was open the box, see that the TV was damaged, and put it back in the box. He disagreed and suggested that I caused the damage, because the Geek Squad would not have allowed a TV in the condition to be resold as "Fair" condition. I exclaimed "Well, they did, because all I did was un-box the TV. I didn't drop it, or do anything else to cause that to happen!". I asked what my options were with the damaged TV, and he curtly said "I'm not doing a return."

Travis then slid the TV back to me and didn't utter another word, gazing across at me waiting for me to leave. I remain quite surprised at how poorly he handled the situation. He never once showed any empathy and was very short with his words.


Please connect me with someone with better customer service skills than Travis at the Shakopee store. Again, all I want to do is exchange this set, which was damaged before I bought it, for the same TV but brand new in the box. I will gladly pay the difference.


Over the years, I have been very loyal to Best Buy as I have had family working at corporate and in stores, and I want to support their wellbeing. I've spent >$2000 over the 2 years alone, and with two teenage boys and one in college. Over the last decade, I've surely spent several thousand more. Whenever I have the chance to buy any electronics, appliances, etc., even when first thinking of buying via Amazon, I try to see if Best Buy carries the item and if so, I drive to the Shakopee store to pick it up. I value customer service over buying through an impersonal website, especially at Best Buy, where it's employees are normally very knowledgeable and helpful.


My experience today was very disappointing, and I am thinking long and hard about taking my business somewhere else. Furthermore, if this return for a full refund is not allowed, Best Buy will never see another dime of my business. Failure to trust the word of a loyal customer has been proven quite damning. Suggesting I am a liar (in front of my wife) went well beyond that.

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Re: Best Buy Shakopee refused to accept a return of a mislabeled open item, please help

Hi, mlemos77, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support and continuing to choose Best Buy for all your tech needs. I hate to hear you discovered your open-box TV to be damaged when unboxing it at home, as I know this is not what you expected after reading that the device was in fair condition. While I wish you would have had a better interaction with the store upon returning the item, I'd like the chance to offer any assistance I can in this situation now.


To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and customer service PIN at the bottom of your in-store receipt. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

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