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Best Buy Nightmare Experience

First of all, my issue was reasonably resolved - but only after 2 trips, one useless on-line chat, and one 30 minute mind-numbing experience in-person at the Best Buy Store ... This story just keeps getting better as it goes along. 1) I make an on-line purchase for a microwave - "Open Box Excellent" for about 35% below "New". 2) I choose to pick it up at my local Best Buy and get it the next day via curbside pickup. 3) 2 Employees load it into the back of my car, close the door, and walk away like everything is just fine. 4) I get home, open the back, and see the box is completely crushed along 1 entire edge and into the side. So, I pray - take it inside and open it. Prayer didn't work - frame is bent and damaged. 5) I go to online chat. After a few minutes of back and forth, the chat person tells me I need to resolve the issue at the store. So, I load it back in the car and head back to Best Buy. 6) I see a customer service rep, and She asks if I have it with me. I tell her its out in the car. She arranges for someone to come out to get it - But I am told they cant get it from my "curbside" location - I have to move my car to the front entrance - (which of course is a fire/no parking zone - Yes, its also raining.) 7) Now, back in the store, the CS rep is seeing what she can do and consults with the manager (who is busy with someone else). She says she was told to "try" something. So, after a few minutes of "trying", I ask if I could talk to the manager in the meantime. 8) After several minutes, the Manager comes over and hammers on the computer for a few minutes and apologizes that there are no similar-condition items to exchange for. And, He cant give me a new one at the same Price (because they cant take a loss on the sale). 9) He does offer me a "number to call" to see if "major appliances" may be able to resolve more favorably for me. 10) So now, I'm getting really ticked off. I show him the microwave damage and ask why would anyone label it as "excellent". I further ask - Why 2 employees would load a heavily damaged box into a customers car and walk away like nothing was wrong? I get ridiculous answers that make no sense at all. I review that Chat had told me to bring it to the store for exchange. And now He is telling me that He cant help me at the store. 11) After this, I say OK - how about you call the major appliance line and deal with the additional hassle - He tells me that He cannot call on behalf of a customer. I can now feel a stroke coming on, but say "fine, I'll call them" 12) I ask for a receipt that I returned the damaged Microwave to the store. Now, the Manager explains that: I HAVE TO TAKE THE MICROWAVE WITH ME ..... They cant hold it for "liability" reasons. Now, I'm asking nearby people if they could help me in case I go into full cardiac arrest. 13) I ask "Is this all some sort of joke or prank on me?" He apologizes for the inconveniences. 14) At this point, I tell him that while I realize his hands are tied, I ask for his full name for reference when I make a corporate level inquiry for assurance that no customer would again be put through such a ridiculous ordeal. 15) At this point, a light-bulb literally appears over the managers head, and he declares: "I just remember I was able to get a "new" exchange for open-box the other day for a customer - Do you want me to give it a shot?" I say "SURE". 2 Minutes later, its all done and set for delivery in a week. 16) My takeaway from all of this: NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!
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Re: Best Buy Nightmare Experience

Good afternoon, TKO1,


Welcome to our community forums. Open-box products are a great way to save on a purchase and I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience at your local Best Buy.


We strive to make the return and exchange process as smooth as possible so I'm disappointed to hear this took longer than expected. I'm glad to hear you were able to work with a store manager to find a solution.


Your feedback is important so we can continue to improve the purchasing experience in the future. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need assistance in the future, we're here to help.



AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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