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Best Buy Lousy Customer Service

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Over the last few weeks I have spent over $3,000 for various prodcuts.  I needed a new laptop and since I won a 9.7 Ipad I was hooked on MacOS.  I have used Windows since 3.1 and I wanted to try an Apple laptop.  My buddy has a MacBookPro and he liked his and said you would like one. So the end of May I purchesed a 13' Mac Book Pro. I relized the screen was too small and I rerurned it for an extra $1,000 for the biggrer which was worth it since the display was great and had a large SSD. First he did not replace the case for a 15' inch laptop and when I realised the 13' case way too small and went to exchage it.  I was told I was past the 15 day return policy and the return person was rude even after I spent over a $2,000 for the laptop.  Also the salesman did not tell me I had to pickup a USB type C to interface my super drive (which lasted 1 week and the next one did not work a known problem by other users).  At least your Insigna LAN adpater works but the plastied case cracked but some whith with white electrric tape. I had to get USBC to standered USB adapter.  I purshed a Brother printer,scanner,copier,fax as it worked with my Mac and Windows PC's.  I had 2 go bad so I bought the extra warrenty along with Apple care for my laptop. I purched 2 Sony Blu-Ray players to replace them.  I had a personal shopper that helped be with getting the products which was great!.  

Fast forward I purchsed 2 of the same laptops for my uncle in Seattle and for my mom to use skype.  I kept the same ones which would take trouble shooting since I could jusrt jump in the care.  When I exchange the bad printer I asked if someone could meet me at the Windows latop.  I waited over 10 min until I saw 4 angets talking to each other.  I had to get their attenion to help me.  One did finally did and we found a good laptop and purchsed 2 of them.  At the time I did note notice the lack of a Windows 10 disc which would not matter.  I wanted to know how to fix it if something went wrong.  I called the Northtown (Blaine, MN store),  The phone rang forever until It was answered.  The person transferd my over for anoth 10 minute hole and was then hung up again.  I called back and warned If I was not sent to a Geek Squad I would pack up eveything and return.  This helped and I asked how to a system repair and at first she said to use Google to find the answer.  This answer ticked me off and I wanted to know exactly what to do.  She gave some quick advice and said heeded to help other custumers.  This is unacptal in my book.  How much to I need to spend to be treated nicely.  Some of the problems were manufactors problems and other was poor customer service.  I wanted to spend locally since Best Buy is a local company here in Minnesota.  If this lousy service keeps happening I will take my busines elsewhere.  To make matters worse my MacBook Pro is under recall do to the crappy keyboard.  Next time is to learn Windows 10 and get a sweet laptop for which I paid on the Macbook Pro.


Not happy at all,

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Re: Best Buy Lousy Customer Service

Hey, Scott, 


Thanks for taking the time to join our Forums community! We love to hear from our customers and are always excited to get new community members. 


It sounds like you may be an Elite customer, which would get you 30 days for returns & exchanges on most products. You can confirm your membership tier by logging into your My Best Buy account and then view our Return & Exchange Promise here


It sounds pretty awesome of you to buy your mom and uncle computers. That is a big investment, and I can understand wanting to make sure you know how to troubleshoot it should problems occur. What I recommend here is a Total Tech Support membership. It sounds like you have a lot of technology, and a Total Tech support membership would help ease some of that burden that can come along with it. You can learn more about our Total Tech Support membership here

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