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Best Buy Galeries Danjou

Best Buy

Let’s begin, end of June I went to Best Buy to purchase an Apple Watch series 5. I ordered the watch because there were none in stock and paid it on my credit card until I got the new fairstone card. I received an email that my order was ready. When I showed up in stores to pick it up, I waited outside in the pick up line and explained to the Manager outside that I was there to pick up something and he asked if it was already paid. I said yes but he then proceeded to allow everyone behind me into the store and I waited 40 minutes. I asked him why I was waiting and he told me those people didn’t pay yet so they get to go first. A little confused because I am a customer and you already had my money. I found out my order wasn’t actually there, angry and fed up I decided to cancel the play station remote I had ordered as well. I spoke to the manager who told me it is what it is and I should be a little more understanding because of Covid. Not sure why that applies but he tried to make me feel bad as I clearly understand the crazy times. I went back a week later when the watch was actually delivered. I got the watch reimbursed on my credit card and then charged it on my new best buy fairstone card and left. When I got home I realized they ordered the wrong watch and that I got a watch with only gps when I ordered and clearly stated I wanted the one with gps and cellular. I went back to the store to exchange it and I couldn’t because their were no more watches being sold at all. I asked to be reimbursed on my fairstone card and that’s what the girl said she did. Two weeks later I get a fairstone bill in the mail and find out I was never reimbursed for the Apple Watch I no longer had. I went back to best buy to get reimbursed and it took 45 minutes of explanation and being asked the same questions for the employee to finally go in the back and speak to a manager. When he came back the manager looked at me from a distance and continued walking. The employee then took photo copies and told me someone would look into it. I asked for a phone number or some sort of proof that this will be done and he said he couldn’t do that. Someone named Nada then called me and told me the reimbursement would be don. I asked for something as proof to be emailed to me. She said no I can’t. I then told her my experience from the beginning to end and her answer to me was she wasn’t there so she can’t speak for that. I also mentioned to her that I would no longer be purchasing my appliances (fridge,stove,dishwasher) because of the horrible service and she said that is your choice. All in all that was the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had.
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Re: Best Buy Galeries Danjou

Hey, JenWa,


That does sounds like a terrible experience at this store, and I honestly am sorry you had to spend so much time on this. The watch you ordered should have been there when you went to pick it up. You shouldn't have been asked to wait for nothing. You should have received the model watch you ordered when you did finally pick up the watch, and your refund should have been processed after you returned your purchase. If you want me to look into this return please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number. To send me a private message click on the message button in my signature.



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