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Best Buy - Disappointed and Frustrated (Formal Complaint) - Worst Experience

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I am writing this email to you in regards to an order - {removed per forum guidelines}. The order was supposed to be ready by 2nd Dec'2019 but it has not been made available yet for pickup. It seems no one can tell me where the product is or when it will be delivered / available for pickup which I am frustrated with. Moreover, the folks at 5800 Britton Parkway, Dublin store are feeding incorrect information and I'm very disappointed with the customer service and buying experience itself.
I was promised that the product would be available on 2nd December, or else I would have ordered from Google store for faster delivery. 
Here are more details about my experience with the order and relevant details, hope this helps you to take necessary actions. 
1. 27th Nov - The product (Pixel 4 XL - 128 GB) was originally ordered online - {removed per forum guidelines}. The order was actually delivered a day before, which I was very happy about. However, it turned out that the face detection was not working on this phone. Hence I took it to the store (Britton Parkway) to exchange it on 27th Nov' 2019. 
2. 27th Nov - The customer service exchanged it with Pixel 4 XL - 64 GB. (WHAT IF I HAD NOT SEEN THE BOX). I had returned a 128 GB and hoping to get 128 GB in return, it was not available in store hence the customer service representative suggested that he would order it online for me. Here you will see in image 1 below the online order being returned and 64 GB (assumed to be 128 GB) that was purchased and returned on the same day.
3. 27th Nov - I was hoping to get the product early, I spoke with the supervisor in the store. The supervisor suggested me to pick-up the order instead of getting delivered to the home, I would get the product on 2nd Dec'2019 if I pick it up from the store in comparison to 3rd or 4th of Dec'2019 in case of home delivery. It was an easy choice to pick-up the order. 
4. 2nd Dec - I visited the store on 2nd Dec to inquire about my order as the website did not say it was ready for pickup. I was told the status of the order - "Waiting to allocate inventory". I spoke with the same supervisor from 27th Nov, he apologized for the delay and told me the product would available to pick up the next day (INCORRECT INFO - LIE) and he was not able to track the product. He also mentioned calling customer service would help me with answers
5. 3rd Dec - I called customer service on Tuesday (wait for time ~25 mins), they were not able to provide any new information and redirected to be store and told me - store can provide better information on inventory. Again, after a long wait the store told me that trucks arrive only on Wednesdays and Fridays, so check back on 4th Dec. 
6. 4th Dec - I walked into the store and found the product was not available yet, the order was in the same status. They told me there is no way to track the order and even tell me when it should be available.
7. 7th Dec - As the next truck after Wednesday was on Friday, I waited until Saturday to inquire about the order again. The order was still under the same status, the supervisor took around 20-30 mins and inquired with other in-store employees. She told me that the store manager who is in charge of inventory is not available, she also told me there is a 90% chance that the product would be available on Sunday. I told her about the truck schedule, she replied - due to the thanksgiving rush, the store has an extra truck coming in on Saturday (INCORRECT INFO - LIE). She asked me to come over on Sunday to check and if the product was not available then either of you (Ace) or Dustin can provide me answers and also help with any alternative options. (INCORRECT INFO - LIE)
8. 8th Dec - I visited the store again on Sunday, again to my disappointment the order is still not ready. The status has not even changed yet. As suggested the day before, I asked for Ace or Dustin. I was told Ace is on vacation until the 11th and Dustin does not work on Sundays. I don't understand why the supervisor fed me incorrect information about the store manager's availability. I was given three options - i) Cancel the existing order and Re-order for the new price ii) Just cancel the order iii) Dustin will be available on Monday after 5 PM and he MAY be able to track or correct.
When I inquired about a feedback form or a mechanism to file a complaint, I was told to send an email to you or post on Facebook or Tweet my complaint.
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{removed per forum guidelines}
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Re: Best Buy - Disappointed and Frustrated (Formal Complaint) - Worst Experience

Thanks for registering with our forums, and making your first post, pavangumaste!


I know that ordering a new phone is super exciting, especially with a camera like that.


If we are awaiting inventory for your order, you'll receive an update via email when your the inventory has arrived to fulfill your order.


If you'd like us to look into your order, you'd just need to send us over your full name, email address, and phone number in a Private Message. 


You can do so by clicking the button in my profile!



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Re: Best Buy - Disappointed and Frustrated (Formal Complaint) - Worst Experience

Hi Kameron,


That is the same reply I'm getting from customer service and in store. I cannot mark your response as solution.


I need to know when the order will be fulfilled. I have been waiting patiently for last 13 days, I cannot simply wait for unknown number of days.