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Best Buy Customer Support Not Properly Equipped for Success

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About a month ago I purchased a new radio for my car. The manager helped me with my checkout, and said he set up an appointment for me for 5/3/23 between 11-2. Today I called to confirm. 


First I called the main number for the Champaign store. It took me to a call center that doesn't have access to the appointment calendar for the installation bay. He redirected me to call 800.621.9970, where the same exact thing happened again. That person gave me the number directly to the bay. 


The person who answered did not find an appointment for me at all but he was very understanding and helpful and squeezed me in today (tomorrow was also an option). He went above and beyond IMO. I hope that the local store (at a minimum) will show him some love for his extra effort. 


I quickly got it together and dashed to the store to drop off my car. 


Your call centers need to be connected to all the things in order to provide connected and consistent customer care. They are not currently properly equipped. The whole call system should be revamped by starting with usability studies of the process. It took me 30 minutes just to find out that I didn't have an appointment, though I have an email that I found after the fact that says I did. So what happened to the appointment that the manager helped me schedule?


The discovery that the support system is so grossly under equipped for success was rather dissapointing. I hope you are able to put better systems and practices in place so that your customer care team has what they need to succeed in excellence at a future date.


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Re: Best Buy Customer Support Not Properly Equipped for Success

Good Evening, djcronk.


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Thanks for reaching out, and for that candid retelling of your experience. I'm sorry to hear that you had issues with your Autotech appointment. Though I'm happy to hear that it was able to be resolved. I'd like to document your feedback on the experience in our Internal Review System. Please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email, so I can properly case the interaction. You can send a private message by selecting the blue "Private Message" button to the right of my signature.

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