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Best Buy Customer Service Experience

I need to share my unprofessional experience with the Best Buy ar 4251 Outer Loop, Louisville, Kentucky with the customer service associate, named Derion. As my spouse and I approached the counter to return an unopened Alexa HD, Derion says, “What y’all need?” My spouse responds, “I would like to receive a refund on this unopened item.” Then Derion asks, “Have the item been opened?” My spouse responded, “No.” Derion then walks away from the counter and returns approximately 5 minutes later, and states “What’s Up,” in a rude manner. My spouse then responds,”Excuse me, what do you mean, what’s up?” He then asked if Derion had completed the return. Derion responded, “Yea!” I said you should let a customer know you have completed their transaction, and tell them to have a great day. It’s proper customer service etiquette. Derion must have been granted the option or privilege to act in the unprofessional manner towards customers due to fact he felt it was okay to also say “Y’all can just leave if you don’t like the customer service!” Derion also hollered across the store, and told the Store Manager on duty, “They can leave!” After my husband and I had a conversation with the store manager on duty, named Robbie in reference to this poor display of customer service and behavior by Derion. Robbie the Store Manager stated, Derion had a lot of family issues going on. Customers come to Best Buy for service, we’re not there to hear about employee’s personal issues or be treated in a derogatory rude and condescending manner. If customer service is the field Derion plans to maintain employment, he needs to be made aware or reminded that the customer in front of him is priority, and should be treated with dignity and respect. Being confrontational with customers is unacceptable and should NEVER be TOLERATED. Best Buy is a business many people purchase merchandise on a regular basis, which could very well change as long as customers like myself take time to voice unprofessional and irate service such as this displayed by Derion. At the end of the day there are several other businesses to purchase electronics from, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Tiger Direct,,,,.,, among many others.

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Re: Best Buy Customer Service Experience

Hi there candacebh,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums community, although I wish it were under better circumstances!


At Best Buy, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible customer service experience, and it truly disappoints me to hear that you had this experience in one of our stores. This is definitely not the kind of feedback we enjoy hearing, and I would be happy to document all of your concerns thoroughly here at our corporate office and ensure that this your feedback is addressed. So that I can gather some more information about this experience and for documentation purposes, could you please send me a private message on here?


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