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Best Buy Customer Service Complaint

In March of this year, my elderly 82 year old mother went to Best Buy to address an issue she was having with her car audio system.  Her car does not have a CD player and she was looking for a way to play her CDs using her car’s current audio configuration. 


She brought pictures of the car’s audio system and of course provided details on the make and model of the vehicle.  The technician that she spoke to repeatedly assured her that if she were to purchase a CD player and an Installbay IBR91 cord system, she would be able to play her CDs through her car’s audio system.  She purchased the CD player and was told that the Installbay IBR91 would have to be shipped because it was not in stock and she would have to pick it up at the store at a later date. 


When the Installbay IBR91 arrived, she attempted to set up the Best Buy products exactly how the technician explained to her.  It did not work.  Because the trained Best Buy technician repeatedly assured her that the products would work, she made additional attempts to complete the set up with no success.  Eventually, she asked that I take a look at it.  Within 5 minutes, I discovered that the setup that Best Buy sold her would never work in her audio system.  There is no auxiliary plug and the USB plug is not set up to be used as a conduit for an external CD player.  I am not a trained tech, nor do I have a background in audio systems.  I was amazed that a trained technician employed by Best Buy would sell a senior citizen components that clearly were never going to work.  My mother was very clear as to what vehicle she drove and again, she brought pictures that showed exactly what the audio system looked like and the plugs that were available. 


She kept her receipt for the CD player and the Installbay91 so I told her to return the items.  So, keep in mind that this is an 82 year old woman’s 3rd trip to Best Buy during a global pandemic, after the initial visit and the subsequent visit to pick up the Installbay91.  Instead of Best Buy admitting their error and apologizing for giving bad information, she was told that the 15 day return window was closed and she was stuck with a useless CD player and accompanying cords and that she had no recourse.  She told the Best Buy representative that reason why she hadn’t brought it back earlier was because the Best Buy technician assured her that the components would work and that eventually, if she was unable to do it, her daughter would be able to complete the set-up.   


The failure of Best Buy to stand behind their advice is absurd in this situation.  I can’t understand how and why a trained technician would sell a senior citizen audio components that so obviously do not fit the configuration of her car’s audio system. 


Both products have never been used and are in pristine condition.  I am willing make a 4th trip to Best Buy to return them both for a refund or store credit.  


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Re: Best Buy Customer Service Complaint

Hi there, ams570,

First and foremost, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to our community! Getting new tech should be exciting, and I can understand your mother wanting to enjoy her CD's while she is driving. We appreciate you keeping Best Buy in mind for that! I'm disheartened to hear that we may have missed the mark this time around with her recent experience through. As our team works out of the Corporate Campus, I truly appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

I would like the opportunity to assist however possible with this! With that said, we would need to have the purchaser contact us directly per our Privacy Policy. I'd like to invite her to create an account here on the Forums, so we can further assist with this. If she does, she can also grant us permission to work with you regarding this. If she does end up creating an account, can you please let me know via private message so I can be on the lookout for her response? 

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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