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Best Buy Complaint 1432 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to express an awful experience I had at one of your locations (1432 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove, IL 60515) that needs to be brought to the corporate level attention. I had the worst consumer experience I have ever had at the above Best Buy location purchasing a TV over the weekend. I have purchased hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of products from Best Buy, and this experience made me never want to step foot in a Best Buy ever again. 
I grew up in Batavia, IL and there is a Best Buy location in the neighboring town of Geneva, IL. I recently just moved to Elmhurst, IL and the above location was the nearest to my house. From all of my experiences growing up in Batavia/Geneva and going to that Best Buy my family and I have had absolutely zero complaints, all employees have been very helpful with any electronics questions or concerns we had (PS4, Xbox, laptop, TV's, etc). I wish I could say the same for the Downers Grove location, but I will never step foot in that location again. 
I was in the market for a new TV as I moved to a new home in Elmhurst and found one I loved online. The TV I found online was LG - 75" Class - LED - UK6190 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR SKU: 6290163. This is the TV I decided to purchase and the online store said 1 available for pick up in store (Downers Grove Location). Once I arrived at the Downers Grove Best Buy location I walked directly to the TV/home entertainment department. Keep in mind I was on my lunch break from work and only have an hour. After standing and waiting in the TV department for a sales associate to confront me and ask if I needed help (which I did)  for about 10-15 minutes, nobody approached me so I had to initiate a conversation with a "sales rep". After finally talking to a sales rep and showing him the above TV I would like to purchase another 10-15 minutes passed and still no TV to be found. From what I was told they could not find the TV in inventory, how you lose a 75 inch TV I have no idea? I asked the store manager this and he could not give me an answer as well. Absolutely shocked nobody could find this 75 inch TV. 
After they could not find the TV I was told that another location close by (75th and Lemont) had it available. This is not the option I wanted to go with but the TV was such a great deal I could not pass it up, even though my experience was well below standard at this point. I continued to go through the purchasing process but had issues in this stage as well. I received CMV errors and had 4 Credit cards declined, the order only processed by entering my credit card information on the screen, chip or sliding my card did not work. Once the purchase went through I was told that Jeff (Manager of Home Entertainment Butterfield Downers Grove location) would reach out to me directly and set up a time to pick up the TV at the Lemont location. I gave Jeff 1-2 hours to call me since I know there are plenty of other customer Best Buy needs to service, but I did not receive a call. After 2 hours passed I started to call the Downers Grove location because I needed to change to a home delivery instead of store pickup. I spent 3-5 hours of a Friday night trying to get in contact with Jeff (manager of home entertainment) but was always told he was "busy", "out on lunch" or "with another customer". I called 10-20 times from 2-6pm and could still not get this guy on the phone to change a store pickup to home delivery. Another staff member (female-unsure of name) took down my information and was going to pass along to Jeff.  As the manager of a store that's a very successful company, shouldn't they be eager to help a customer and provide solutions? Why is the customer reaching out for hours and unable to get someone (high level manager) helpful on the phone? After hours and hours of no help on the phone I decided to take matters into my own hands and drive to the store where I purchased the TV to change to home delivery. 
Upon arriving I went straight to the TV department where I made the purchase earlier that day (within hours). Of course when I get there Jeff (the manager that was supposed to contact me and that I have been calling for hours is standing there talking to another employee). Not busy one bit. First thing I asked when I got there was "do you remember me from earlier"? He said he did not and I started to tell him what I was going through. He then stated "oh yea 75 inch, I remember now". In my opinion Jeff was not interested in helping me, he was only interested in making his commission. I then proceed to tell him what I was going through the past 4-5 hours and the displeasure I was facing. Trying to get a "manager" on the phone to change a store pickup to home delivery, really shouldn't be that hard. I asked, what can you do for me since I've been calling you for the past 4 hours with no answer or call back and when I got there you were standing around talking to another employee, doing nothing productive. He then stated there is nothing I can do for you except take $100 off. This infuriated me, im spending $1000 + on a TV and the best a manager can do is talk to me for 30 seconds say theirs nothing we can do except $100 off. Jeff was not helpful from when I walked in to the hours and hours of me trying to reach out to him. I thought seeing an angry customer in person would change that but apparently not. I then asked for his supervisor, which was Wes and he was in charge of the entire store. 
After waiting 10 minutes for Wes, I told him about me dissatisfaction and asked what he can do for me. Again, as a supervisor of a Best Buy store I was hoping for some insightful solutions. He ended up saying exactly what Jeff did, theres nothing we can do for you and we can happily return it. I have never come across an experience like this were a store employee just rolls over and quits for a customer, didn't even want to think of a solution. I ended up returning the TV for a full refund and asked Wes for contact information and full name, so I can pass this experience along to corporate. He stated he was unable to give away his last name, I was lost for words.  
So, im not 100% sure of the two employees at 1432 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove, IL 60515 last names but I was told Jeff was in charge of the home theater/tv department and Wes was the store supervisor. This was by far the WORST experience I have ever had as a consumer, and I will never step foot at that Best Buy location again. I have told countless of people I work with and am friends with to not go to this location. I'm hoping this will be addressed with the two employees in the Downers Grove location, since this is by far theworst customer experience I have had in my 24 years and will hesitate to make any more purchases from Best Buy.I really look forward to a response and next steps. 
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Re: Best Buy Complaint 1432 Butterfield Rd, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Greetings, codywitkowski94,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. Thanks for posting with us today.

I'm sorry to hear that your recent store experience did not meet your expectations. While our associates to not work on commission, we do expect them to do their best to be engaged with our customers and ready to help. I apologize that this is not what you experienced with your recent purchase and return. We appreciate your feedback, and would be happy to forward your feedback on to the greater leadership team at the store. If you would like us to also document your feedback, here at the corporate office, please send me a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number, so I can ensure that your comments are documented within the appropriate accounts. You can find a link to send a private message in my signature. It sounds like you have already returned your order, but if there is any additional action that you are seeking from Best Buy at this time, please include that information in your Private Message.



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