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Best Buy Blunder Caused Me A $200 Gift Card Promotion

Not sure what can be done in this situation, but I figured I would turn to here to ask since both Best Buy customer service said they couldn't do anything and the MOD at the store that this happened at refused to help in any way. Let me give you a quick run down of what happend.


Sunday Feb 28th, 2021:


I went to my local Best Buy to purchase an Open Box LG 75" 90 Series Television and a New LG Soundbard due to the current deals with bundling LG products taking money off the purchase and a $200 BB Gift Card Promotion.


The TV was in stock, but the soundbar that I was sold was not, so we decided to do an in store pickup for another location. I made the purchase and then left the store and went home to take care of my 4 children because my wife had to go into work for the night (night nurse).


When I got home, I quickly realized that I had somehow purchased the wrong Soundbar (LG SN8YG). I had meant to purchase the LG SN9YG soundbar instead due to the sale price and the fact it had 5.1.2 capability.


I tried contacting the store that evening to see if they could change the order only to be told that I would need to return to the store. I couldn't do this because packing up 4 children, 3 under the age of 3, would be too difficult and it would be too late. So I tried calling BB customer support to see if they could make the change since the soundbar was a store pickup order and had not been fullfilled yet. They told me that they could not help either and directed me back to the store of purchase assuring me that all the promotions should still apply when i make the change.


Monday Mar 1, 2021:


Low and behold, come Monday I go to see about swapping out the soundbar at the pickup store location only to find out that in order to do so I would need to pay a $200 difference out of pocket(value of the GC) because the swap does not include the bundle discount due to the "in store pickup" order showing as a completely separate order. This made no sense to me because the bundle price for the SN9YG was actually LOWER than the bundle price the SN8YG. That would mean that I would be out an overall $362.38 in order to make the change. Just to break it down, please see below.


Original Purchase with Incorrect Soundbar:


OB LG TV:  $1351.99

LG SN8YG: $699.99

Free GC: $200 (credited out)

Sales Tax: $169.29

Total Puchase: $2,221.27


Replacement Purchase with Correct Soundbar:


OB LG TV: $1351.99

LG SN9YG: $549.99

Free GC: $200 (Credited Out)

Sales Tax: $2058.89


So if the correct soundbar was rung up istead then i would have actually SAVED $162.38 in cash and still have received the $200 GC promotion. Totaling a savings of $362.38


The pickup store location decided to direct me back to the original store (now driving back and forth across the Greater Houston area) to correct the issue due to the TV being an open box and not allowing them to complete the correct change at their store. When I got there they informed me that the only way to do the exchange, so i save the $162.38 difference, was to do a full return and repurchase, but I would no longer receive the $200 GC Promotion because it ended on Sunday Night. I went ahead and processed the return and repurchase because i would rather have the correct soundbar and save the cash, but now i'm out a $200 GC that I should have received if someone would have rung up the correct product intially on Sunday evening.


Is there anything that can be done or anyone I can send this up the chain to get the promotional GC back? It was significant part of the reason why I went ahead and added the soundbar.


Just to clarify, the salesperson and MOD were very polite and respectful, but said that their hands were tied. That is why they could not correct on their end.

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Re: Best Buy Blunder Caused Me A $200 Gift Card Promotion

Hey, Redd4949,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this promotion. I'm sorry to hear that the wrong soundbar was ordered for this promotion, and that you had to do quite a bit of driving and back and forth to get this situation remedied. Having 4 kids in tow couldn't have made that process very easy, either! I'm sorry to hear about this situation and for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your family. 


It sounds like the store was able to come up with a great solution to save you that $162.38 you mentioned, and I'm glad to hear that. It is unfortunate that they were unable to assist with the promotional $200 gift card, though, and I'd like to look into this and see what is possible.


So that I can take a closer look here, please send us a private message with your full name, email, phone number, and the customer PIN from the bottom of your receipt. Looking forward to hearing from you! 




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Re: Best Buy Blunder Caused Me A $200 Gift Card Promotion

Issue had been resolved. Thank you too Meg and Allison for helping out! Definitely redeemed Best Buy in my eyes 👍