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Been trying to buy a laptop for months and now can't even get money back on failed purchase

I have made several online attempts at purchasing a laptop that were all canceled due to reasons I couldn't of known, so I went in person to my nearby store to try and buy the laptop instead. on july 15t in store the woman who checked me out decided to try and help me, she had taken some of the funds out as gift cards and then tried the purchase.usig those and then the rest from my bank, it got canceled again anyway. After that last in store order cancelation, I did not get my refund, even after waiting a month for it. I call the horrific, unreliable, purtid customer service line and they tell me it'll be processed in 8 business days, but nah, I wait much longer than 8 business days and have to call again. I called the line about my issue once again and they "figured it out" and processed the refund, it was a payment back to my card for part of the money, and then they attmpted to email me 2 gift cards for the rest, but someone mispelled my email so it had "FOOL" in it. I call the line multiple times more trying to figure out what happened and get told I should go in store by someone with broken english and a clear script, so I go in store. I get help from the dm of geek squaq there and he tells me they can't do that fix in store, he figures out all of the issues that happened and explains them to me, and then we call the best buy 1-888 line and end up trying to fix this for almost an hour until one of the customer service hotline goblins hangs up on him abruptly. I've called the line since then and still can't get any help from that line, it's a nightmare, please for the love of god I've been trying to get a laptop for 6 months and now 2 of those months have just been me trying to get a refund. 

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Re: Been trying to buy a laptop for months and now can't even get money back on failed purchase

Hello, ReubenPirela,


Welcome to our community forums. I know if I were in your shoes I would want to receive this refund as quickly as possible. I would be glad to see what options I may have to assist you.


If I understand your post correctly, you are currently waiting to receive a replacement e-gift card. Is that right? I can certainly check on the status of this for you but will need a bit more information.


Can you please send a private message to me that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Case numbers (if available)


You can send a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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