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Banned by association from Asheville store on tunnel road

Not even a year ago a friend I don't associate with anymore went to best buy on tunnel road with me. While we were in there he was fiddling with his pocket knife in his hand, and I told him to put it away multiple times because people don't like it but he refused to listen to me. I eventually decided to take him home and just come back because of how he was acting and on our way out Asheville police stopped us and searched us. They told him he was banned from the store. I specifically asked if I could return because I didn't have anything to do with what he was doing and even asked him to stop multiple times and they told me yes. However when I went back to the store without him a few hours later the store manager called the police on me again and told me I was banned and asking me why am I back when I was already banned. I explained I asked the cops specifically if I could return and they told me yes and explained I had nothing to do with him or what he was doing and that I don't even carry knives. But she curtly told me she didn't care and that I was still banned from the store, she was very hostile towards me for no reason. I was appalled at how she was talking to me and treating me being a representative of best buy and a best buy store manager. I'm very disappointed with her position on my being banned when I clearly didn't do anything wrong and attempted to stop the situation when I realized the guy wouldn't listen to me about his knife. I really don't think I deserved the ban especially with how much money I've spent at that best buy on multiple TV's, laptops, xboxs and PlayStations. I've been a loyal customer for a long time and was deeply disappointed with the manager and how she treated me.
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Re: Banned by association from Asheville store on tunnel road



It's not up to the police to decide if you can come into a private business location or not, it is the store manager's call. Unfortunately sounds like they made up their mind and don't feel comfortable with you being in their store. I don't think there is anything you can do to change that.

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Re: Banned by association from Asheville store on tunnel road

Most definitely not the decision of the police department, as Best Buy is a private business and the store is private property they have the authority to make decisions like this. Most of these decisions are centered around the safety of their customers and employees. You can call and speak with the managerS to see if that decision can be revisited.
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Re: Banned by association from Asheville store on tunnel road

Hi there, Slikerhael,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community!


Although I wish you were connecting with us under happier circumstances, I'm glad that you took the time to bring this to our attention. That said, we appreciate how patient you've been while waiting for a reply. We're currently handling a larger volume than normal, but are working to get to everyone as quickly as we can.


I know how much I enjoy visiting my local Best Buy store to check out new products when they come out, or to pick-up a product quick rather than having it shipped to me. So, I can imagine how disappointing it would be to hear that you are banned from the Best Buy location near you. I can imagine that's never a good feeling, but I can understand why it would be especially tough to be banned from a store based on someone else's actions.


While I can understand why you'd be confused to learn of the ban when you went back to the store if the police officer you spoke with outside said that the ban just applied to your friend, drumn_bass and jdogg836 are correct that ultimately that decision would be up to the store's General Manager. 


I can't make any promises toward a certain result, as it would be up to the General Manager on if they'd like to lift the ban. However, I'd be happy to talk to them on your behalf to see if they'd change their mind. For us to get started, can you please send over your full name, phone number, and email using the "Private Message" option in my signature below?



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