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Bad store experience twice

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I have shopped at my local Best Buy (#1494), several times with positive experiences and usually the employees are friendly and helpful.  However, this was not the case yesterday when I visited Best Buy to return a mobile phone arm band I purchased for my husband. The armband was never used and had all the packaging. The customer service associate was short with me and unhelpful saying I was outside the return window which ended January 12 (which was  9 days earlier).  I was upset, but had no confrontation just walked away upset.  When leaving I asked another employee who was friendly if there were exceptions for the policy, and he called a manager who was very polite and helpful. 

I visited the store again this morning, and unfortunately the same rude customer service associate was in charge of ringing me up at checkout.  I was purchasing a Google Play gift card and redeeming a Best Buy gift card. I asked her to hold on while I got my receipt info with the balance for the gift card.  She asked me how much I wanted impatiently and I said I had to see my receipt or maybe can you check the exact balance for me. She said in a rude tone she couldn't check my balance and didn't offer any other suggestions.  So I found the right receipt info, made my payment and she didn't say thank you or smile or anything.  I did not get her name because her jacket covered her name tag, but I have my receipt information. Store 1494 receipt info follows:
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I am really disappointed in this customer service.  It is important for employees to make an effort to smile, be approachable, friendly, and helpful to customers whether they are buying or returning items.  Attitude is everything.  If an employee cannot answer or help, they should find someone who can.  She should not have sent me away just saying my merchandise was out of the return window, she could have asked her supervisor for assistance. She also should have been polite the next day when I was making a purchase, instead of being impatient and short with me she could have suggested how to obtain the balance on the gift card.  My husband and I have been planning on purchasing a new tv and a desktop computer, but I don't want to shop in a store with rude employees who could care less than being friendly and helpful.  I hope that this employee receives some additional training on customer service etiquette.

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Re: Bad store experience twice

Hi Efeilen85,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks so much for taking the time to sign up and share this insight with us.  

I apologize for the poor experience you had at your local Best Buy. You’re right that we want our employees to be friendly and welcoming. I really appreciate you sharing this feedback, and I’ll be sure to send it over so the right people can see it.

While I can’t share any specific actions or results that may come from this, I assure you that we take your concerns seriously. I hope that you’ll come back in and give us another chance in the future. I’m confident we’ll provide you with superior service when you do.


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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