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Bad instore order experience for Best Buy Store at Lynwood

This is in regards to a very bad experience that I have faced with the order placed on BestBuy outlet at Lynwood WA.
Overview of the issue:
On Dec 19, I placed an order and paid  for a refrigerator, a washer and matching dryer including the installation, delivery and recycling charges.
I come back home happy that a big task of purchasing the applicances is done and make the necessary arrangements for the scheduled delivery for 12/30.
On 12/28 morning, I login to my best buy account for some other purposes and see that something didn't seem quite right with the order.
On looking further, I see that the refrigerator and dryer were cancelled from the order. This surprises me a lot to see that information when actually I was expecting a delivery in two days and all arrangements havve been made. On top of that,  no one has communicated with me regarding the changes in the order. Is this a normal practice with Best Buy? The customer's orders are messed up and the customer is not informed at all? Had I not logged in to my account on 12/28, probably I would have found out that the items on my orders were cancelled only when partial order arrived on 12/30.
Called the 1800 line on the website and the reps couldn't help me finding out why the order was cancelled. Was suggested to contact the store and get further details. On calling the number provided for the outlet store, no one answers the call. Every extension that I try to get connected with a live agent ends up getting disconnected. 
Given that my I either wanted all of my appliances or none of them(since the washer dryer were matching pairs), I had to call the general 1800 number one more time. He wasn't able to place a replacement order for the same items and same price that I had initially paid. So I ended up cancelling the third item. Now, I am back to square 1 of shopping around for my appliances when actually I was hoping everything would be all set in two days.  
This is really a frustrating to see this happen with Best Buy. I am hoping that this will be escalated to the appropriate customer service manager for appropriate corrective actions.  Below are some of the questions that I am not able to get the answers for:
Before cancelling or altering an order shouldn't a customer be made aware of it and only proceed if he is okay with that?
Is the customer expected to know that the items on his orders have been cancelled immediately or when the delivery person arrives?(Had I not logged in to my account today, for sure the only time that I would have found out that 66% of the items in my order were cancelled would be when the delivery truck came with 33% of my order). Or is the expectation that the customer has to login evertime and check what's going on with his order?
Once the customer has paid for the items and is expecting the items,  isn't it the seller's responsibility to provide the customer with the exact same items from a different store if one is not available at a particular store.
Doesn't a customer deserve to know any updates on his order once he has paid for it?
I hope that someone will escalate this to the appropriate management chain and will get back to me with answers and any resolutions that you have (if at all you care about customers).
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Re: Bad instore order experience for Best Buy Store at Lynwood

Welcome to our community, Ipahri,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Having an item unexpectedly cancel from an order is a letdown, and we don't want that to ever happen. I have also experienced a similar situation on an order that I had placed last month that had included a Nintendo Switch game. In my situation, the item had sold-out, and I can understand your desire to find our more information as to what had happened on your order. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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