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Bad experience with a store! No help from any of the "customer service" channels

I'm very frustrated with what Best Buy considers passes for customer service these days. I've long been a big fan/supporter of BB and, if I have the choice, I will always choose BB over other retailers, including online ones. I've been an Elite member for a while since so many of my purchases are made at BB. I love the rewards program and I really like being able to browse new products at an actual store. Having said all that, I feel like your customer service is getting worse and worse over time. I had a pretty bad experience with a laptop purchase about a year ago and then I recently had another that is making me question whether I will continue to patronage BB or not. I thought about just letting it go--it's not a huge amount of money or anything--but decided to post here on principal. After trying to get the deluxe version of Super Smash Bros for a couple months and consistently striking out, I preordered the standard version. I picked it up on the day it came out and got the preorder bonus coin. I didn't think too much about the coin--it was free after all. But it was a small, trinkety thing that didn't seem to have any substantial value. About a week or so after I purchased the game, I found the deluxe version available to order on another retailer's site. Since I hadn't opened the one from BB, I ordered it with the intention of returning the original. A couple weeks later, I took it back to the store I purchased it from for a refund to my BB card. I also returned the controller since one came with the deluxe. The cashier took the return and didn't say much to me, including the fact that because I did not bring the coin (which I had completely forgotten about and was probably in a bag somewhere at home), my refund would be deducted $50! $50 for a silly little coin that probably cost .99 to produce! It wasn't until a few days later when I was checking my BB credit card account that I noticed the account was only credited for $13 and some change. I still had no idea why so I got on the chat online. At that point, after being transferred and chatting with two different agents, I was told they couldn't help and I needed to call the store. I have the store number in my phone so I dialed and talked to someone, who I thought worked at the store. After I explained the details, with her agreeing the cashier should have asked if I had the coin and then told me what the charge would be if I did not have it, she said she couldn't do anything and I would have to speak to the store manager. At this point, I've wasted close to 30 minutes with no one empowered to do anything but waste my time by listening to my story when they could have figured out, by asking a couple of simple questions, that they could not help at the beginning. Once I was transferred, a very disinterested and annoyed sounding woman, whom I assumed was the manager, asked me what we going on. I explained to her the situation (again) and also that I understood that the reason I was not given the full refund was because I did not return the coin. I told her my issue was that the cashier never told me that and when I checked my original receipt for the game when I got the coin, it did not state that the coin was supposedly worth $50 (ridiculous). I told her that all I asked was, because I was not made aware of this and there was no way for me to know this, could I go back to the store and pick up the game. Because had I known that I would only receive a credit of $13 for a $60 brand new game, I would have either just kept the game or gone home to try to locate the coin. She wouldn't even listen to my request or take me seriously and just kept saying this was their policy, completely ignoring the fact that their own employee failed to communicate the policy and that it was not on my original receipt. No explanation was given for any of that. Then as she proceeded to tell me for the second what I already knew (that my refund was deducted $50 because I did not return the coin), I tried to tell her I understood but she kept speaking over me, not letting me speak on purpose. I raised my voice, without shouting or using any vulgar language whatsoever, at which point she said, "If you're going to speak to me like that, this conversation is over" and then hung up on me, with a "Have a nice day!"!!!! Yes, a manager at a retail store hung up on me. I was pretty frustrated by now so I got back on the chat and asked what was the best way to lodge a complaint about a store. The agent gave me the 800 number and said "they will take your complaint seriously". I called the number, feeling skeptical at this point, and after about 20 minutes with an agent who asked several questions and put me on hold a couple of times, was told, "Well, since you returned it to a store, you have to go back to the store to complain." When I told her I was complaining ABOUT the store and that I didn't expect them to take me seriously she said she understood but could do nothing to help. I then asked why she didn't tell me this at the very beginning since one of the very first things I said was that a) I had a complaint about a store and b) that I had bought and returned the product to a store. She had no answer why she didn't tell me she couldn't help from the very start and basically just sat quietly. So that's where it all ended. Lots of time wasted, lots of frustrating encounters with rude and/or ineffectual agents, and out $50 and a game because I had no way of knowing that I would be charged $50 for a little trinket I didn't even think enough of to remember where I put it. Like I said, I almost just dropped the whole thing. But after thinking it through I realized I was still frustrated and this simply was not right. I've spent too much money with BB to just ignore this. This isn't how you treat loyal, long-term customers. There are many retail options out there, both online and in-store and I'll consider that for my next purchases, after two bad customer service experiences. While I think that charging $50 for a silly little freebie coin is ridiculous, I understand it's a marketing decision so if that's your policy, then so be it, ludicrous as it is. But then it's on you to communicate it to your customers and if you don't then it's up to you to make it right, while at the same not treating your customers poorly when they bring it to your attention.

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Re: Bad experience with a store! No help from any of the "customer service" channels

Greetings, snakenole!


Thank you for reaching back out to us!


I appreciate you choosing us for your purchases and being an Elite member! I understand where you’re coming from regarding your visit to your local Best Buy store for this return and your experience with our Customer Service Team. This is not the experience we want for any of our customers. I do appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this.


You did come to the right place, and I would love to help you with anything I can. I want to ensure you feel like a valued Best Buy customer at all times. Also, I’d like to share this information with the GM of that store. To ensure I have the correct store and information for you, I’m going to need you to message me some details.


Please, private message (PM) me with your full name, phone number, e-mail associated with your account, and the store’s specific location. To send a private message please click on the button at the bottom of my post across from my name. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kindest regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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