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Bad experience - Reno store 128

On 11/27 I made my way into the store and was thoroughly disappointed in the actions of your manager Mason. I had originally purchased a few things for pick up (Bluetooth speakers) upon seeing them at the pickup area I realized they would be too small and went into the floor to pick something up. I found some speakers on the bottom right of the shelf priced at 19.99, there was a row of them and thought nothing of it. Upon going to the checkout they rang at 29.99, I let the cashier know and she called Mason. Everyone up until this point was very nice.

Mason said they were a different speaker and checked to see if they had the mistaken one, you did not have it in stock so I asked if he could take care of the one for 29.99 since it was not my mistake that was made.

Mason stated that he would not match the price, he stated that since you have new price tags corporate does not allow it. I let him know I understood it was probably not his fault however someone put a row of the speakers there. He let me know it was a mistake and “Thanked” me for bringing this to his attention. He showed no accountability for the mistake or his associates in the dept.

I needed these on 11/27 and Mason was not interested in helping beyond his rote response of “we can order it and you can pick it up at a different store” - I asked for a manager and he responded that he was one.

I purchased the speakers elsewhere, I feel you should know how your leader takes accountability. I emailed the managers from the Best Buy link.... no response there either. I guess this is why the yelp rating is so low

Please let me know if this is how all concerns will be taken care of, I will be happy to go somewhere else.

Thank You