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Bad customer service

I was at the store in Matthews NC on Friday June 21st at 6:10pm. Went to have screen put on phone arrived earlier than 7pm appt. Supervisor kept saying your appt. Is at 7pm. But no one was in line waiting. The 6:20 appt never showed up and I was still waiting well after 6:25. A man came up to the counter which missed his 11:30am appt and they waited on him immediately. After he left I was still waiting until the supervisor on duty told her to wait on me. But this time it was 6:40pm, told my phone in the back and kept it until 7pm. I went back to the supervisor and told him what happened from the beginning to the end. He apologized and said that should have been handled different. I fell like I was discriminate against because I was not dressed business like and I felt I was treated badly. UNACCEPTABLE PERIOD. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.