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Bad customer service on Palmdale Store

Hi to everyone, On Agust  I bought  a Canon EOS T7i (a nice camare but not what I wanted) it  and my wife went to return it and exchanged but instead of an exchange she recieved a store credit of 875.99 dollards when I arrived from work I went and talked to the custumer service on the phone and they told me that I needed to go to the store and that they will help me with that, so I went to the Palmdale store #106 and the customer service girl told me that she can`t help me because I already rcieved a store credit and she called the manager but this gentle man couldn`t speak no words for himself he allowed the customer service to speak, I explain what was the problem and that instead of recieved an exchange now I have a gift card and that I owe 875.99 to my best buy credit card an amout that I have to pay and I told him that I need an exchange for a photo camare that cost 1149.99 and he said that I can use my store credit and the rest to pay it cash, I am not happy with that answer I am a first time best buy credi card  custumer and thisd will be the last time I buy in this store. The only thing I wanted was to exchange the canon for a higher series Canon EOS 80D DSLR that cost more money but this guy couldn`t help me and now I got myself a store credit that I have to keep paying it on my bestbuy credit card I hope someone can help me with this problem but a really bad customer service at Palmdale store

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Re: Bad customer service on Palmdale Store

Hey there, OfHagen, 


I hope you are having a good day to day, and that you've been able to receive your camera in the time since your post. Whether returned to a store credit, or exchange for a new, more expensive camera, the process with the My Best Buy Credit Card would essentially be the same. If you were to choose to pay the difference with your My Best Buy Credit Card, the difference between the old camera and the new camera would appear as a new charge, separate from the originally financed amount. This means that difference would be subject to financing offers available within that new price range. 


To have everything on the same financing plan, a full return would first need to be processed to the My Best Buy Credit Card, which can only be done during the initial return, and cannot be retroactively completed. 


I hope this information helps! 


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Re: Bad customer service on Palmdale Store

Thanks for taking the time to respond back, unfortunaly the custumer service girl neither the best buy manager explain that he was only repeating hiself there`s nothing I can do there`s notheing I can do, so I walk way mad and frustrated, but well I know that you can not help me neither, so thanks for your time 

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Re: Bad customer service on Palmdale Store

Perhaps I'm not understanding the problem. It looks like you want a more expensive camera that you will need to pay a little extra for. You can use the store credit towards that camera and pay the rest however you like. I'm guessing the store credit is on a gift card that you can even use to order it online if you don't want to go back to the store.