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Bad Protocol and Customer Service

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RE: Customer Service Complaint, Oxnard Best Buy (Rose Ave.)


To Whom It May Concern,


Please make sure that when a customer has made purchase and has arrived to pick up the item(s) that the item(s) is/are not marked as “picked up” until the customer has verified that it is the correct order. This would relieve the customer of the additional burden of having to make a return.


This situation happened today. The purchase I made online was inadvertently the wrong product. I realized this when the employee brought it to the car. I told him that it was the wrong product and the product remained in his hands as he directed me to customer service. At customer service with your employee, Alberto, I was told that I could not leave the product because it had been already marked as “picked up.” To be clear, I never left the store with the item and it was never in my possession. It had been brought to my car and it was never placed in my vehicle.

Please revise your protocol.


Step 1: Locate the item(s)

Step 2: Confirm with customer item(s) are correct

Step 3: Mark the item “picked up” if the customer accepts the item(s)

Step 4: If the item(s) are not accepted by the customer, do not mark the item(s) as “picked up”

Additionally, Alberto, did not make effort to approach a supervisor or manager regarding the issue. Instead, was rude and asked sarcastically if I would like a printout of the company statement that indicates an item cannot be left if picked up. I understood clearly what the “rule” is. I also did not have my Best Buy credit card which I had used to make the purchase because I made the purchase online. The second complaint is that there must be a way to reverse this process. If not, it is important to revise your protocol as stated above and ensure that it is followed.

Thirdly, please improve your customer service training with regards how to respond to customers:


Some things the employee could have said to provide excellent customer service

  1. A) “I understand this is an upsetting situation. I’m sorry that the item was marked as ‘picked up’ even though you didn’t pick up the item. Let me see if there is any way we can reverse this action.”
  2. B) “I’ve talked to my manager and unfortunately we cannot reverse the action that states you have already picked up the item. I’m making a note in our system of what happened. You can take the item since you don’t have your Best Buy credit card with you, which we need to refund the transaction, and come back. Here’s a discount/coupon/gift card to make your trip worth coming back for.”



A. {removed per forum guidelines},

Business Owner


Post Script:

I went back to return the item that I did not pick up and had the same customer service agent assist me. He did not greet me, just waved me down. We had no verbal exchange except when he asked for my card and when he told me he was going to retrieve my items.


I spoke to a manager after the transaction (Ed, I believe).

He said that I needed to understand the situation because the employees are dealing with customers all day. In his words, "I know it sounds like an excuse, but they're dealing with customers all day..." He also said that they scan the products as "picked up" to enhance speed. These are poor excuses. I have been in the customer service industry for 13 years.


Please address these issues.

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Re: Bad Protocol and Customer Service

Hello, adevera,


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Our goal is to fulfill orders efficiently, although it is clear that was not the outcome with this purchase. There are processes in place which should prevent this type of occurrence, and we sincerely appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. Alerting the store leaders was the right thing to do. That information will allow them the chance to properly coach and train their teams, although it sounds like the response you received was not what we would have hoped.


Please know, your voice is being heard. Our team is based out of our Corporate Headquarters, and we're always interested in learning how we may be able to serve our customers better. We would love the opportunity to formally document your experience, and reflect on how we can improve. To do so, we will just need to ask you to send a Private Message. For documentation purposes, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number. For your security, please be sure to send those details privately.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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