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Bad Experience at Tanasbourne location

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I need to speak to the regional manager for the Tanasbourne Center location, address 18085 NE Evergreen Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR 97006. I have had ongoing issues with TV orders, and have had at this point three different TVs.


To summarize, I purchased a TV and Soundbar, but the TV had some sort of substance or damage between the screen itself and the outside. I decided to completely return everything and upgrade the soundbar, and in the process, I decided to go with a Q model TV instead. The TV I was shipped arrived to me dirty; it had smudges and marks, including what looked like a fingerprint, on the screen itself and dirt on the rear of the TV. I have pictures of all of this I can provide, as well. Andrew {removed per forum guidelines} at this location was extremely helpful (though originally selling me a demo T-650), ordering another TV for me and applying discounts where able for the trouble I've been through thus far. Well the TV gets here the 16th, and it is also dirty. The back has more dirt than before (dirt, not dust; I showed the images to both a Geek Squad rep and spoke to Samsung, both said they had never seen this before), and smudges on the screen. The TV arrived too late for me to contact the store, so I did this afternoon and spoke with Jack, the supposed manager of the store.


Jack was very short and rude with me, seemed more put out by it than I did. Initially, Andrew had offered to waive a full installation (minus mounting, but including audio) for the trouble, but it couldn't be scheduled until Aug 2nd and that was a bit too far out for me. When I brought this up to Jack, he expressed skepticism it would help, but he "guessed" he could provide me with a basic install only. Also, and this part I partially understand, he said he could make no guarantee I would get a clean TV. Personally, I feel like there should be a way to track this down, but I get it. What really bothered me, though, in addition to his attitude (I am the one having to return another dirty TV that was supposed to be brand new, on a 1600 dollar order so I think I have more room to be upset but that's just me), was that he suggested that maybe I just return everything and we "go our separate ways." 


In addition to that, I've been on the phone all day simply trying to make a complaint about this representative, being transferred around, denied the ability to speak to a supervisor TWICE, told I can complain to someone on the phone by chat associates and then told on the phone I cannot. I have had one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had in my life, and I still have no resolution, and I am STILL waiting on hold (after I was supposed to be gotten over to a supervisor but instead was put into some queue) as I type this. (EDIT: Just before posting this, a regular rep from Geek Squad answered the phone; she just put me back in the general line)


I'm hoping I can either be given the regional manager's contact information so I can make a formal complaint about Jack and this experience, or to be called by someone. Thank you.

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Re: Bad Experience at Tanasbourne location

Apologies for the last name. I was on the phone and frustrated at the time, and honestly didn't even notice I put it. Thank you for just removing it and not deleting my post.


Also, and I don't know if I should just make a second post in a different forum space for the followup, but I spent until 6:30PM on the phone yesterday, starting before 12PM PST. I was bounced around, hung up on, ignored, denied and despite telling a Geek Squad rep I did not want to simply do just an in-home exchange, after placing me on hold for 40 or so minutes, he processed that, anyway. Even acting incredulous when I asked why, saying "I processed the return for you even though it's not broken."  I spoke to a supervisor and she could not help further. This whole ordeal has turned into a nightmare and I am still waiting on some form of contact or an appropriate resolution.


Can someone please help?

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Re: Bad Experience at Tanasbourne location

Hi, jmbridger12,


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Buying a new TV should be exciting, so it’s disappointing to hear that you have been dissatisfied and concerned about the condition of the TVs that have been delivered to you so far.


To get started, can you please provide an update of the current state of your situation? While I cannot promise the outcome, can you please clarify the specific action or resolution you’re wanting in your situation? I’ll also need verification of your full name, phone number, email address, and order number to begin a review. Send these details in a private message to keep your information secure. When logged in on the forum from a PC, you should see the blue “Private Message” button next to my signature below this post.



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