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BBY Store Assistant Manager is condescending -- 2055 N Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217

I have a pretty overall great experience at this best buy location. The customer service reps have always had no issue in dealing with me and the Magnolia home theater department at Jantzen Beach is exemplary. However, a few days ago I went to return/rebuy a macbook that I had purchased previously on one credit card and wanted to change the form of payment to a different card. Shortly after getting that process started with the nice customer service employees an assistant manager walks up and shakes my hand like he's trying to hulk smash a rock or something. My hand isn't a rock... It's a hand. Nevertheless, he makes sure to project his voice with a familiar authoritarian tone in my direction. Mind you, I'm standing inches from the guy's face and he's talking to me about "being banned from returns at best buy" and lecturing me about being "put on a list" while people line up behind me in customer service. He adds condescendingly "we love seeing you in here and would spend all day talking about your needs so that you find the right product" and I'm standing there fighting my inner instinct to go balistic on this guy who just delivered a tone to me that wasn't so different from a high-on-power dad. If that guy has an issue with me spending $10,000+ at best buy and returning some of the items and least of which just doing a change of payment then I can take it to the Better Business Bureau. That entire experience wasn't okay. I left feeling spurned and demeaned. That guy needs to take a xanax and chill before he takes that tone with the wrong person. I try not to make sales associates feel bad because lord knows these people are just doing their job. And even though that particular assistant manager deserved to hear my two cents about the way he was treating me, I still didn't make a scene. Because I wouldn't want some customer come in and start a storm at the customer service line just as much as I don't want to be that customer causing the storm. 

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Re: BBY Store Assistant Manager is condescending -- 2055 N Tomahawk Island Dr Portland, OR 97217

Hello nothingsounds,


One of the the things with which I have a difficult time coping is the inexplicable authoritarian behavior of some people. It honestly doesn't matter where I encounter it -- whether in private or public -- I find self-importance and boastful boisterousness to be gigantically off-putting. I was quite surprised and discouraged to read of your encounter with the assistant manager at our Jantzen Beach store and I apologize for your having had to cope with such behavior.


I'm happy to hear that most of your experiences at this store have been generally superior. But only one sour visit can change everything. I will get in touch with the store general manager and share your remarks in full. Best Buy can only hope to improve in meaningful ways with the input of our valued customers like you.


Please know I am grateful you took the time to share your experience with us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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