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Awful experience in customer service


 I had a very bad experince that will simply lead me not to dela with best buy anymore, the staff is lacking experince and says whatsoever to the cuustomer, a system that is not accurate an ddelivering mistaken information... So the customer is being delivered misleading information from the system and from the personnel... Is there any worser experience ??


let me say briefly what happened to me and led me to say this..


I went to best buy in greenfield park, QC, asking for JBL spekaers, i ask the staff about a main difference between two types within the speaker, he does not know, he says literally i don't know, then he said to me thsi one is one there, on the system it is in another branch, in dix 30, QC, they have 4, i went there momentarily, they looked and said no we don't have any, should be a glitch on the system. Also, i have a gift card, that i have asked two days ago about how to use, they said in this same branch yes you can use and it works, when i have asked at that time, they said no the system is not working since two days, although i was there just before they close the day before...


Moreover, you feel that they are not willing to help out....

A tema lacking profesionalism and knowledge , a system milseading and also information deliveredby the staff are contardictory ...

I will simply get what i want from Amazon or even la source.. prices are very competitive and if no postive response, consider my last experinece experience with Best Buy

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Re: Awful experience in customer service

Hello, minahanna,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! 


Thanks for taking the time to share this experience with us! We know how important it is for our employees to be knowledgeable, so they can provide you with accurate information, and you can make an informed decision before you make a purchase. That's why it makes me so sad to learn that was not the impression you received when visiting our Greenfield Park store.


Looking into your complaint further, I noticed that the store you visited is located in Quebec, Canada. While we'd love to help, our forum was intended for customers in the United States, so I don't have the tools to partner with our Greenfield Park location. That said, I'd be happy to connect you with our Best Buy Canada support. I'll share your experience with them, and someone on that team should be in contact with you through email within 3-5 business days to discuss your time in our store.



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