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Attempt to file a complaint

I have been searching for a way to file a complaint with Best Buy's corporate office.  If someone can provide me with this information, I would be very grateful.  I will give you a brief overview of the issue so you can direct me to the appropraite department.


This week I decided to go to my local Best Buy (Christiana Delaware) to upgrade my iphones to new ones.  Upon working with this Best Buy moblie team member (I have her info which I will not post on a public forum for her security) she informed me that my current cell phone carrier did not have any specials but if I switched to AT&T then the phones were currently buy one get one free.  We then worked with her to cancel my services with Sprint and switch to AT&T adding a forth line to our plan since the phones were buy one get one free.  After transfering our information to our new phones and completing the process, I noticed that the paper she was using (their employee papers) stated that I needed direct tv to qualify for this order.  I do not have direct tv.  She appologized and offered to help us fix the problem.  We started over again, but we could not return to Sprint since the plan we had was a promotional plan and we had lost it by canceling.  We would be paying a lot more money for Sprint then we were when we walked into the store.  She told us that we could still use AT&T and get buy one get one free phones but we had to get the iphone 8 and not iphone x's.  We were alright with doing this.  As she began to ring us up and change out the phones, I asked her if I could see her papers for this sale so I could read the fine print.  I did not want to have another issue.  Upon inspection, I informed her that this promotion ended on 12/26 (it was 1/2/18).  She again appologized and offered to try and fix the problem.  She told me that if both offers were bad then I could not get the phones buy one get one free.  At this time, I had been in Best Buy for 3 hours trying to fix my phones.  I told her just to keep me with AT&T since I lost my plan with Sprint, and give me the orginal three lines I had when I came in the store with three phones at the regular price.  After another hour she assured me that everything was fixed and she appologized again.  The next day, my husband called AT&T to ensure everything was the way it was supposed to be.  We were informed that we were enrolled with 4 lines and we had 4 phones on our plan even though we only left the store with 3 phones.  After several hours on the phone with AT&T and a phone call to the same person at Best Buy, our account was finally fixed, but I am stuck paying change fees for the phones and the account through AT&T.  I am very dissapointed and I want to ensure this does not happen to anyone else.  

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Re: Attempt to file a complaint

Hi crg1117,


Welcome to our forums.  I’m sorry we weren’t able to reply to your post sooner, as we’ve become a bit backlogged after the past holiday season.  I truly appreciate your patience, and I’ll be happy to address your concerns.


First and foremost, I’d like to apologize if the experience you went through while upgrading your phones didn’t go as we would have hoped.  Spending over 3 hours trying to get your phones upgraded would certainly be a frustrating experience for anyone, and I regret to hear this was the case during your visit.


You mention having the information of the associate you worked with during your visit, but you’ve declined to share her information publicly to protect her safety.  While I appreciate your discretion, would you be able to send me her information in a private message?  I’d like to make sure your experience is fully documented here at our Corporate Headquarters, and this information would prove quite useful.  To send me this information privately, make sure you’re using the blue “Private Message” button in my signature.


Hope to hear from you soon,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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