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Apparently dishonest sales tactics at Albany, NY Crossgates Mall Magnolia

I went to the BB in Albany, NY and was looking at TV's at around 3:30 PM on 4/24/2021. Our local BB in Plattsburgh does not have a huge selection on display so I wanted to see what they had.

I'm big into electronoics, love shopping at BestBuy and have spent $2782 on my account alone and a total of $6171 on the accounts in my household since 1/1/2021.


I'm not as up to date with 8K TV's but was interested when told of an open box Samsung - 82" Class Q800T Series QLED 8K UHD Smart Tizen TV that was marked down from $6000 and was now $3799. It was a floor model. I was told that shipping was $50. I liked the TV on display and was going to buy it.


The shipping was offered and accepted at $50 to my area. I applied for and was approved for the BB credit card. I planned to get the 10% off offer then pay in full immediately. Later the shipping changed to $100 (1st sign of what I was dealing with). Then they told me the shipping could be waived with an install. I agreed to an install and then the shipping charge came back anyway.


I then checked the BB site for the TV and saw it as being sold and readily available for $3999 brand new (not $6000) with free ship to store near me 6 days later. This was not a $6000 TV as claimed.


This would mean the Open Box, that was on display for at least 6 months was only a $200 discount and only $100 off when factoring the shipping cost.

I asked about why the $4000 TV was described to me as a $6000 TV. They said they always use the MSRP and not the sales price. This is a shady practice, but not as bad as what came next.

This is where the dishonesty really kicked into high gear. The salesperson and his manager tell me that even though I can see it on the BB app in my hand for sale with a bright yellow ADD to CART and checkout button with 6 day delivery to my local store for $100 more than the open box that I was WRONG. 


They claimed that it was not available anymore as an old model. He showed me a screen on his computer that shows not in stock anywhere nearby. Of course it's not in stock! It's ship to store! I'm not stupid!  The salesman and the manager claimed that if I ordered it on the app, someone would contact me to tell me I couldn't get one. That is patently false.

This is a complete and total bold faced lie. From reading articles, I know BestBuy has upgraded to a state of the art inventory tracking system and they know where every last item is located at all times.


This was the last straw and I walked away from the deal. Unless something changes, I do not plan to ever set foot into another Magnolia sales area again unless it's to look at a TV so I can buy it some place else. The blue shirt people have always been awesome so I was suprised that BestBuy was acting this way in the Magnolia area.

Even though the Magnoilia rep/manager, now apparently now caught in a lie about how the available TV was not available, offered to mark it down to $3250. I no longer trusted anyone I was dealing with, and did not want to reward this terrible behavior with a sale.

This experience was a waste of my time and left me completely disgusted with the whole Best Buy experience. Some honest adult needs to step in and actually manage these people and let them know that they need to be honest. Best Buiy is not a used car lot, or at least I didn't perceive it as being one before today.

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Re: Apparently dishonest sales tactics at Albany, NY Crossgates Mall Magnolia

Hey, Fr1tz,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums. I'm sorry to hear about this experience, as it doesn't sound like the service that we strive for. We want all of our associates and managers to be providing honest, accurate and friendly customer service.


So that I can document this experience at our corporate campus, please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number, and I'm happy to get started.




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