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Angry - Disrespected - In shock

To start I am a life long Best Buy customer, always loved the products and service, until today! This has been my first bad experience and will be my last with Best Buy ever!

I get we are in a Worldwide Pandemic, however, most places allow you in with your family, especially your children, NOT BEST BUY!

I purchased a new TV online two weeks ago, got it home, dead pixels. No biggie, so I went online to set up to return it and got a call from a worker about the "new process" I was told I had to make an appointment to even go in the store, which I did. I was then told I had to wear a mask and that a manager would be "following" me in store, INSANE! The worker proceeded to ask how many people would be coming with me, I advised there are 5 or 6 of us, which includes 3 children. Again, he mentioned all people must have a mask on to enter (I found out this is a lie) 

At my appointment time, I loaded up my family 3 of them children and my return. Right before we left our microwave broke so I decided that I would be at Best Buy and purchase a new one there.

Upon arrival, I saw a line outside, got everyone's mask on, and headed for the door. Before I got to the line a "General Manager" ( the problem with this whole issue) first asked if I had an appointment, I advised I did but had some purchases to make as well. She told me right there only 2 people are allowed in the group, excuse me? First I am in West Texas it is 100+ degrees outside, 2 of my children are 7 and 4, not leaving them! She refused to allow my children, all of them in with me!!! An attitude from the moment we got there, yes I was very upset, not denying that at all. I went through the purchase of a defective item, could not just go in-store to return this item, had to jump through hoops to get the appointment and to the store, etc., to be told this! After being in the store, being demeaned for crossing a yellow line, being told i could not return it without a receipt. Mind you again, this is an online purchase with a Best Buy credit card. So I went out to my vehicle got the card, knowing full well they could look up the purchase. When I returned one of the other customers an unmasked man was at the counter well in front of the yellow line. I am madder now, still furious at the fact my children had to sit outside in 100 degree heat, only 2 people allowed in the store at a time when the state and government are setting it to 25% occupancy. When I asked about the items I am needing she said that she would have to follow me to sanitize anything I touch as I touch it, are you serious? She looks at my child, the only one in, because she ran in, and said "We are doing this to protect her", NO I PROTECT MY DAUGHTER!!! This is all pure insanity. Needless to say and to get to the point, she refused to service me because I was upset over my children being made to stay outside. 

After the return, she was handed back my card, which they did not put all the funds back on, put $40, on an in-store gift card, why I do not know. I hadn't been allowed to see the refund or sign for the return I have no way to prove I returned anything.  She is ranting and raving on about how I need to leave and shop elsewhere I asked for her name and the name of who I spoke with, her words "Just Geek Squad, they don't know" Then why have them call people providing information???? 

I grabbed what I thought was my Credit Card and walked out. After I am outside she follows me and my Husband who ran in after my 4-year-old, and my 4 year old outside in front of my other children and the line outside and yelled out that I HIT HER!!! 


I want someone to pull the cameras, I asked her to call the cops, she obviously didn't because I hadn't touched her by hitting her or otherwise. 

She defamed me in front of my children, scaring my 7-year-old son. She refused to give me anyone's name or number to complain about the process, prior to the accusation. I DID NOT TOUCH HER - SHE NEEDS TO LOSE HER BJOB FOR SUCH BEHAVIOR! I am now banned from my local store, the only one in a 90-mile radius, because I was upset over the process, my children, and being lied to. I didn't curse at her, I made my concerns known yes, I was heated when my kids had to stay outside, but even customers can disagree.


Get home, and they kept my Best Buy store credit card!!! Someone needs to get in touch with me ASAP or I will take it further. 

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Re: Angry - Disrespected - In shock

Lots to unpack in this post. I will say that I’m located in a state that, like Texas, is seeing a massive spike in COVID-19 illness. Best Buy is going beyond local guidelines in many areas, both of our states being under the same Best Buy plan. The stores are open for curbside pickup and returns, with a recent addition of appointments for in store visits. These are not unsupervised, in an effort to curb the spread of this deadly disease our leaders are acting as personal shopping assistants as well as cleaning any surfaces that have been touched to keep the stores’ displays safe for the next customers who visit. We are, just like your location, limiting the number of visitors with each appointment and restricting children to be as safe as possible. Many children are too small to wear the CDC recommended PPE which puts them at a higher risk of infection than adults.

As for the issues you had with the in store personnel, any member of the store leadership can refuse service. Typically this is reserved for disruptive situations, violence, threats, or otherwise unruly behavior. In light of the new normal we are all forced to endure to curb the press of this pandemic, these steps are in a heightened state. Unfortunately with stresses at an all-time high, we have seen this in our location as well. Disagreements that would normally be tolerated and/or worked through are not handled that way right now.

With all of that, I will say that due to the extra traffic from everyone shopping at home there is a lot higher volume on this site. It will likely take more than a few days for the moderators to reach your post here. With that said, they work for and speak on behalf of our corporate office. Since the local store leaders are in charge of providing a safe and professional shopping environment they are usually in charge of the store bans, but the moderators should be able to collect your concerns as well as gather the information about the incident from the store level. They should also be able to address the issue of the card being left behind. Looking at the posts answered today, they will probably need a few days longer than a week to work through all the customers ahead of you.

I am a Best Buy Employee, but the views that I post are my own and not that of Best Buy.
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Re: Angry - Disrespected - In shock

There is no excuse for store employees to act rudely to you. But you also need to realize that given the circumstances there is a bit of a learning curve. Best Buy has the right to set any regulations they deem necessary to keep customers and employees safe. Based on your own account, you got heated and it’s understandable they refused you service. I’d suggest doing transactions through curbside pickup/returns as they go a lot smoother.
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Re: Angry - Disrespected - In shock

Hi stunnedcx,


I am sorry if you were somehow provided an incorrect expectation as to how to return this TV, and that you brought all of your family to this store when that should not have been the case. I can tell you that every employee of Best Buy should be completely professional when interacting with one of our customers, and if that was not the case here I do apologize. I would like to forward your concern onto the District Manager of this store, but I first need to gather some information from you. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, the exact location of this store, the date you were at this store, and the time you were at this store? To send me a private message click on the message button in my signature.



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