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Amazingly Slow Debit Refund

I bought a set of Beats Fit Pro on August 27th, 2022,  I paid by debit card, which means that Best Buy got my money immediately.  I returned the Beats the next day because they didn't meet my specific needs that aren't important in this discussion.  Including tax, I paid around $217 for the Beats.


I returned the Beats the next day, August 28th, 2022.  I was told by the Best Buy employee who took my return that my debit card would be refunded within 5 business days.  I am still waiting for my refund.


I was bothered me that although Best Buy had gotten my money for the Beats purchase the day before, right after they had processed my debit card in the store,  I was being told that I wouldn't get my money back for up to five business days.  Why they didn't just return the money to my debit card/Chase bank was never explained to me.


As you might imagine, they not only didn't refund my $217 immediately when I returned the Beats, they STILL haven't refunded my money by September 13th, 2022, eleven business days later.


I called a couple of days ago, and as you may imagine, I got the run-around.  I talked to two different employees who couldn't help me get my refund, and wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor so I could find out why Best Buy wasn't giving me my refund in a reasonable amount of time.  In fact, both eimployees ended up hanging up on me.  Horrible customer service by Best Buy.


So the question is, when will I get my refund.  Again, they got my money for the Beats instantly when they rang up my Chase debit card.  Why on earth would it take them so long to refund my money.


The bottom line is that I consider this a deceitful and sleazy business practice by Best Buy, and I won't be shopping at their stores for a long time, if ever, after being the target of this disgusting business practice.  There is no valid reason I can think of that justifies this slimy business practice, and please don't try to tell me that it is MY bank's fault.


Based on some quick research, I am guessing that many other Best Buy customers have been subjected to the save shady business practice and were made to wait unnecessarily long period of time because they got their debit card refunds.  I'm sure they are/were as unhappy with Best Buy as I am.


I would love to see some state legislative action that would stop this horrible business practice by Best Buy and other retailers.  Perhaps if enough people get angry enough at Best Buy and let them know this business practice is unacceptable, we will see some changes to their debit card refund policy so that people will receive their money back much, much quicker than we are right now.


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Re: Amazingly Slow Debit Refund

Hello, angrycustomer58.

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the forums.  Although, I do wish it were under different circumstances.  As someone who keeps a close eye on my finances, I can understand wanting to know the status of a refund.  I will be more than happy to look into this for you.  Would you mind sending me a private message with your full name, email address, phone number, and order number?  You should be able to do so by clicking the blue button next to my signature.


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Re: Amazingly Slow Debit Refund

I received a message from AlisonS, an employee of Best Buy. She told me that the money had been credited back to my Chase bank account on August 28th, 2022, but that I might have to wait a full billing cycle before my money was actually transferred from Best Buy.

She didn’t actually say it exactly like that, but that is what she was trying to sell to me. Her explanation made absolutely no sense. Whenever I receive any deposit from anyone, including through Zelle or Venmo, the deposit shows up in my bank on the same day it was sent. I never have to wait a full billing cycle, whatever that means, before I can see the deposit has been made to my account, and before I can actually use my money again.

So here I am, going on 3 weeks from the time I returned the Beats to now, still with no refund from Best Buy, even though they are trying to convince me that they did send me a refund, but it just hasn’t been received by my bank yet.

Best Buy, you don’t seem to care about my opinion of your company and your business practices, but I caution anyone else to think teice about shopping with Best Buy. What is happening to me might very well happen to you, too.

I will post an update if and when I actually get my money back from Best Buy.
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Re: Amazingly Slow Debit Refund

This matter has been resolved to my satisfaction.

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Re: Amazingly Slow Debit Refund

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