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Algonquin store Forum lack of support

Best Buy needs to review the Yelp reviews of their stores. Your Algonquin store get a 1.5 rating. ALL of those customers can't be wrong.

More to the point. With my post about your Algonquin store, I never got a reply. Then I noticed that hardly anyone gets a reply.

35 years in food ingredient sales. A thing we always kept in mind, yet it applies to Best Buy.

"Make a customer happy and they'll tell ten people. Make a customer unhappy and they'll tell ONE HUNDRED."

Last time I'll ever buy anything from Best Buy.

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Re: Algonquin store Forum lack of support

I'll answer is for you if you want....

You opened a printer cartridge which is not returnable if opened because for some reason you couldn't compare the information on the box to the information from your printer manufacturer like literally every other customer would do before buying and ink cartridge. The store followed policy deming the return. I'm just a customer and I agree with the store in this case.