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Aggressive & Bullying Employee(s)



I have a serious complaint to make regarding a customer service agent at the Best Buy store in Orange, CT located at:

53 Boston Post Rd

Orange, CT 06477

(203) 795-5730

My boyfriend and I went there today (08/02/21) a little before 3:30 pm to inquire about a replacement for a PS4 controller (as I had purchased the Geek Squad replacement protection for the item). We went to the customer service desk where two gentleman (one smaller and one very large man) sat. They both told us to go check in the gaming section to see if any controllers were there to exchange ours with (even though they full well knew there weren't any in stock because they haven't been in stock- in store- for at least a year). 
Once we wasted our time checking, we came back to get further service. The smaller gentleman was going to try an order one for us, but when we realized we'd have to hand in our current controller (the only way we can access not only the PS4, but also our TV/entertainment/internet, etc.) we decided we'd have to go about it another way and were going to leave when the larger, portly fellow came over to us and said:
" THEY ARE ONLY MAKING AND STOCKING THE PS5 REMOTES IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT..." as we walked away offended (as we actually have been looking to buy the PS5 for QUITE SOME TIME NOW but has been out of stock EVERYWHERE), I gave the middle finger to Best Buy in general and towards my boyfriend and the larger, portley gentleman continued to scream (in front of the whole store), "I saw that finger!!!..." and other aggressive comments and said "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!" directly referencing the fact THAT WE WERE WEARING FACE MASKS in order to protect both ourselves and others. Both of us live with a severely immuno-comprised person over 65 years old and we both have disabilities ourselvesAs we proceeded towards the exit, my boyfriend asked the security guard at the front (an older, caucasion, white haired gentleman) very politely just for the manager and the associate's name and he proceeded to talk over him and yell very sharply "...have a nice day - have a nice day"  and "goodbye"- both him and the associate at the customer service desk were loud enough to make everyone turn around.
The customer service agent (and security guard) not only defamed us, humiliated us, and discriminated against us for wearing a mask, but caused my boyfriend to have an "attack" due to his autism. I believe this gentleman bullied him for having different mannerisms and body movements. I also have been a victim of male manager violence, so this whole event affected me severely, due to the volume of the customer service agent's comments and the manner in which he spoke.
We simply want you to take responsibility for the mistake and to reprimand both employees (especially the larger fellow at the customer service desk). If we can be provided an apology and proof of being reprimanded, then we will feel that this has been handled properly.
 Please refer to your store video surveillance on (08/02/21) at the Orange, CT 06477 location between 3:00-3:30 pm to see and hear what happened. We have it recorded on our phones as well. We literally just came in with a question and a product in hopes of being helped but instead were met with terrible aggression and intimidation. Are these guys the type of guys you want representing your business? This is actually way bigger than just a disgruntled customer, this is actually a big deal... it involves many facets.
We look forward to hearing back from you in a timely fashion.
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Re: Aggressive & Bullying Employee(s)

You gave them the finger and now want an apology? Lol

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Re: Aggressive & Bullying Employee(s)

Good morning, rachchase005,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your visit to our Best Buy Orange. We strive to provide expert and professional service no matter how you shop with us and I would certainly like to make sure that information about your experience gets to the right place.


Based on your post, it sounds like you were unable to get the names of these employees. Is that correct? If not, could you please provide any more information about what they looked like or what area of the store they were in?

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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