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Accused of Stealing When Making a Return

So, I ordered a bunch of the 4K's that went on sale yesterday, and in the rush to get all the ones that I wanted, I ordered two of Joker and Overlord. I did this for in-store pick-up. I didn't notice my mistake until I got home, so I decided that I would go back to the store today to return the two movies and pick up two others that had come back in stock at the same store.

I went to the same store that I did the pick-up at yesterday and the girl, named Monique, refused to do the return. I asked her why and she said that it was because I "only bought them to take the slip sleeves from". I said that ridiculous, I don't care about slipcovers, and that she was the one that gave them to me the previous day. She then walked away from me and went to talk to another employee as I stood there wondering what the hell was going on.

She came back and told me that "every one of our 4K dvds came with slip sleeves" and that she would not be able to return them and that she was going to call the police because I stole the "slip sleeves". I looked at her and asked to speak to the manager and that she could go ahead and call the police as I had done nothing wrong. She walked away again and came back about five minutes later. She had a copy of Joker in her hand and showed me how it came with a "slip sleeve". I told her that's how she handed them to me yesterday and asked where the police were.

She then huffed and puffed and asked for my receipt. She did the return and told me that if I ever tried to return a "4K DVD" without a "slip sleeve" that she was going to call the police and have me taken away in handcuffs. I told her that she was nothing but empty threats and walked away.

I then went and got every "4K DVD" off the shelf of the New Release four-way that didn't have a "slip sleeve", including every other copy of Joker that they had, and went and set them on the service desk counter. "Wow! Look at all of these 4K dvds that don't have slip sleeves. I guess the company that delivered these stole them. Are you going to call the police on them too?" The manager came up and asked what was going on and I told him everything that had happened. He was very apologetic and told me that he would talk to her later. (I doubt that, but whatever). I also told him that I was going to buy a bunch of movies from that store, but I didn't want to be accused of stealing anything so I am going somewhere else. I then left.

I went to another Best Buy and bought the movies that I was going to buy at the other store and the girl who checked me out was so nice that I asked to speak to the manager of that store so that I could tell them what great job she was doing.

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Re: Accused of Stealing When Making a Return

Wow, what a ridiculous treatment from that first rep! Personally, I hate those sleeves and throw them away immediately, no matter how fancy they may be. Just thinking logically, why would anyone want a cardboard sleeve with no movie to go with it? It's just garbage! Doesn't make any sense for her to assume "you stole them". Glad you were able to pick them up at another location though.



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Re: Accused of Stealing When Making a Return

Agreed.  This whole situation should not have happened.  The movie sleeves usually only come with the first or second pressing of a title when it first comes out, after that they disappear.  When a title doesn't sell, they get sent back to the distributor by a bunch of retailers.  If you've ever noticed, these have pricing stickers right on them most of the time.  The warehouses then throw those sleeves away to ensure that Best Buy doesn't get some that say Wal-Mart and vice versa. The employee was completely out of line.

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Re: Accused of Stealing When Making a Return

Hi, JamesJimmypLohmann,


Thanks for reaching back out to us on our forum and sharing this interaction you had. I hate to hear about this experience you had with Monique at your local store. I was surprised to learn what happened and the treatment you faced, as this is far from the kind of service we strive to provide. I'm glad, though, that you had a much better encounter at a different Best Buy to follow.


I appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention, as our social media team works out of our corporate offices. I'd like the chance to properly document your feedback in our system to start. In order to do so, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, store location, and day/time of visit. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

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