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Accepting our Purchase

Good Afternoon,


My name is Yumeka, I work for St. Clair Correctional Facility which is a State Government Agency.  We placed an order for 5 televisions with a agent our of Huntsville named GI Joe.  This agent said all we had to do is go up to Best Buy and pay for the order.  We explained we will be paying with a Check.  When I got up to Best Buy in Trussville they said that they would be happy to place the order.  When I gave them the check the store agent said they could not accept our check becuase TeleCheck denied it.  I called Telecheck and that company refused to give me an authorization.  We are a State Goverment Agency and we lots of checks.  As a matter of fact we spent about 1500.00 dollars with Best Buy back at the beginning of June.  Our agency loves the ability to be able to shop at BestBuy with all of the awesome products that we can purchase. 



I am displeased that Best Buy/Telecheck would not accept our money. St. Clair Correctional Facility wants to continue to use Best Buy as a vendor.  Please let me know if there is a solution to this.  I hope we can resolve this issue, if not we will have to take our business somewhere else.



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Re: Accepting our Purchase

If Telecheck (which is a third party) declined your check, I don't think Best Buy would have any ability to override it. I'd recommend checking out Best Buy for Business for bulk purchasing needs, particularly for a government agency.

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