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Abysmal Customer Service & Defective Product

Hi There, 


I recently purchased a Macbook Pro from Best Buy in store. It is less than 60 days old, defective, and will not hold a charge. I took it to apple this morning and they indicated that it would take 7 days to repair and that if I had purchased it directly from them, they would replace the device because it is clearly not working correctly for a 60 day old computer. Not to mention that I need the computer for work during these 7 days. 


I went to a Best Buy store and kindly asked that it be replaced or that they allow me to return the device. They declined and told me to call Best Buy. I did so and then Best Buy (without telling me that's what they were doing) simply connected me back to Apple. When I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, I was hung up on. This is utterly ridiculous and I request that Best Buy replace or allow me to return my item.



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Re: Abysmal Customer Service & Defective Product

Outside of the standard return policy, the next level of service would be utilizing the manufacturer's warranty.  It is supplied for all products sold in the US to take care of situations just like this.  Using it should not be considered ridiculous, that's the whole purpose of the manufacturer providing a warranty in the first place.


As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Best Buy can take care of this under the terms of the Apple warranty. You can find the terms of that warranty here:


While I can appreciate that the employee at Apple Retail said they would have just replaced it, this would be a store employee decision and is not indicative of Apple operating procedure.  From the link supplied above, you can see that they in no way guarantee a 60 day free replacement should the unit become defective.  All options for a defective unit involve 1. bringing it to the Genius Bar at Apple Retail 2. bringing it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (such as Geek Squad, or 3. Shipping it directly to them for repair.  

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Re: Abysmal Customer Service & Defective Product

Good afternoon, AlannaMorgan,


While I wish your visit to our forums were under more fortunate circumstances, I do appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.  It’s often frustrating when your purchase doesn’t function as expected, and hearing you’ve been having issues with the MacBook you’ve purchased less than two months ago is especially disheartening. 


It looks like jdogg836 has offered some great insight here, and I hope you’ve found their recommendations useful.  As they’ve mentioned, your MacBook should still be within Apple’s manufacturer warranty, and you should be able to utilize it to repair the issues you’ve run into recently.  To begin the repair process, you’re welcome to schedule a service with our Geek Squad here, or if you’d prefer to work with Apple directly, their support team can be contacted here.



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