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Absolutely scammed with an open box TV - Wheeling WV

So I picked up an open box TCL TV today in Wheeling WV, and called for support after. It's been SUCH a saga that I can't even believe it's possible. 


First thing, the TV was marked as open box ecellent, but it has several missing pieces. The screws for the stand, the box itslef, AND the power cable lmfao. 


So I buy this TV, I pick it up, I tell the guys like hey does this have everything? It's literally just bubble wrap and a bag inside, and I am about to drive 100s of miles to give it to my grandparents as an early christmas present. The employees are like yes, this package is full and complete according to the label. They seem like good dudes so I'm like cool and leave it in the secure packaging it's in. I trust them because it needs to survive this journey in the bubble wrap. It has a little bag taped to the inside. 


Welp, I meet them halfway which is 5 hours down the road. My grandparents get home with the tv and tell me all this crud is missing. They can't just hook it up and enjoy the TV like you would expect with open box EXCELLENT. The saga has only just begun.


I call the store. I get someone in the store. I explain what happened. They transfer me overseas to an agent without me even confirming its okay. Then the agent answers. Before I say this, keep in mind I NEVER lost my composure with anyone. I have been so polite, and still continue to do so. I hate being rude on the phone, and will not do that.


So I tell overseas lady the situation. She pulls my order and says no worries bro just have your grandparents take it in to the nearest best buy. We got you and we will give your grandparents a new one at any best buy! I express cool "I didn't know you would exchange an open box for a new?!" And she was like WAIT WAIT WAIT I didn't realize when I pulled it up that it was open box. Now you would think this mistake would put an intelligent human being slighly on edge. Like oops I made a slight mistake here I should give good info now. Mistakes happen, but let's not make a second and third one.... Nope!


She proceeds to turn and literally tell me you can't return or exchange an open box item. "Bey buy can't do ANYTHING about it." I google it on the phone and confront her that Best Buy still has a policy to return within 15 days for open box items. She is like "oh yea sir you're right!". So let's get this stright. First, she demonstrated an inability to READ my order (check). Second, she domonstrated a pure lack of knowledge of company policy (check).


Then she literally started making stuff up. She said that I could drive 3 hours and show up at the store without the TV, and someone would just magically take my word for all this and refund me without the tv, or replace the parts missing? But oh no that's impossible over the phone. They can't just SHIP the missing stuff, no no no. I have to take this lady's word that I can just drive 3 hours and fix this problem, when she has already demonstrated a lack of knowledge even compared to me LOL. 


Listen onlooker. All I want is a partial refund. The TV came without screws for the stand, so I will have to order a stand. The TV came without a power cable, so I will have to order a power cable. It was marked as OPEN BOX EXCELLENT. It should have been OPEN BOX SATISFACTORY most likely because it was missing several parts. Now I have used up my whole saturday driving for the employees to treat me in BAD faith. 


I am going to call again tomorrow. If I am not able to reach an actual soluation that works for me, I will initaiate a chargeback. I have gone above and beyond by explaining my situation multiple times on the phone only to be blamed for buying an open box product. I would not have bought this item had I not had full trust in Best Buy as a brand. I have never asked for ANY customer service, and I was REALLY let down on my first attempt. 


I will continue to be polite on the phone, but again if I cannot resolve this tomorrow, hopefully my credit card company can help Smiley Sad 

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Re: Absolutely scammed with an open box TV - Wheeling WV

Hello, mhudgins,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thanks for reaching out about your recent purchase of an open-box TV. If the TV was marked to be in excellent condition, all original parts and accessories should have been included. As such we can understand your disappointment learning this wasn’t the case.


We’d be happy to assist so this can be made right with you in addition to documenting feedback about this experience. To get started, send a Private Message with your:


*Full name

*Phone number

*Email address

*Customer service PIN number or order number


Click the blue button next to my signature to send the message so your information remains safe from the public view. 



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