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A buy , but bitter sweet Best Buy

I’ll start this review by sharing that I have been a Best Buy customer since I was 18 years old and for a short period of time when I was in my early 20s I worked at a Best Buy in San Diego, CA. I would say that about 99% of the time I buy all of my electronics from Best Buy. Whether it was a television, a video game, headphones, pretty much anything that has to do with technology. I have never bought anything through Amazon or Walmart because I really liked the Best Buy customer service model. During the time that I worked at the Best Buy in San Diego there was a big emphasis on customer service. Based off my in person experience at two separate Best Buy stores, I felt that Best Buy was not really the Best Buy . At approximately 6 PM on 10/09/2022 I went to the Best Buy in the city of industry,CA and I had full intention of buying an iPad.

I had noticed the item was cheaper from a competitor; Walmart. I asked for a price match . I informed one of the associates that I wanted to price match the item and the associate went on to communicate with his supervisors. After about a 10 minute wait one of the supervisors came to me and told me that they were not going to price match the iPad for the Walmart price. The managers’ name was R-A-C-H-E-L. The manager explained that a specific of the Walmart website did not suffice enough to price match the item, I walked out of the store and decided to read the price match policy online and there was no such specifics. I went back into the store and asked that same manager Rachel to show me the policy, in which she said that the policy was online. At this point the manager began to speak in a very disrespectful tone, at which point she mentioned that it was up to store discretion whether they wanted to price match an item or not. I asked her what her name was because I informed her that I planned on making a phone call to the corporate office the following day and wanted to file a complaint. she began to spell her name by letter. I acknowledged that she was being disrespectful and I left.

I decided to go to the West Covina,CA Best Buy, in which they gave a complete different reason as to why they did not want to price match either, The associates’ name there was Stacy. They mentioned that the place needed to be local, but as I was sharing with them that I could easily purchase the item on my phone and pay that price and have it delivered for the next day, they still didn’t acknowledge it.

The experience was definitely not the type of experiences that I had been educated on when I was a Best Buy employee, nor any of my own previous experiences as a customer .

As soon as I got home I continued to go onto the website and reading the price match policy, at which point I chatted with an associate and they went ahead and price matched the item, and stated that they would ship it to my home. What I learned from this experience is that face-to-face value of going into a store to buy something is now worthless. It used to be about the experience of going into the store and speaking to a person, feeling acknowledge and appreciated as a customer that was something of value … I reflected on why so many people have been choosing to buy Amazon. And also started thinking about how fry’s and Circuit City went under … and what made Best Buy different from its competitors??

Due to this experience I will never walk into another Best Buy and purchase something on a walk in. The experience that I had online chatting with an associate and having them price match my item was enough to keep me as a Best Buy customer. But I will never walk into a Best Buy store and speak to someone to purchase something again.
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Re: A buy , but bitter sweet Best Buy

I don't know all the details besides the ones you posted here but I do know that Best Buy always has special terms and conditions when it comes to price matching. Sales often have to be an every day price in order to get price matched. If it's a special flash sale, holiday sale or other limited time sale it wont get the price match. 

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Re: A buy , but bitter sweet Best Buy

It was price
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Re: A buy , but bitter sweet Best Buy

It was price matched online 🤷🏽‍♂️
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Re: A buy , but bitter sweet Best Buy

Hi there, Rodriguez097, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums Pages regarding your attempts get a price match. As hockeycanuckjc stated, there can be times where certain items are not eligible for a price match. 


That said, I'd love to take a closer look at this with you to see what we can learn. To do so, please send us a Private Message detailing the product you were hoping to price and the prices you viewed. Additionally, please verify your full name, email, and phone number in your Private Message. 


Thank you!


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