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$5,000 worth of TV's in 3 days and BOTH were defective

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This was my first time shopping with BestBuy (Magnolia) and needless to say, it will be my last. On Saturday (10/7/2017) I purchased a Samsung 75" 4K Ultra HD TV from the store in Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY. It was in store purchase and once purchased from the Magnolia Department, I loaded it into my vehicle and transported it home myself. With the set all set up, I watched it on the following Sunday, then on Monday, after being on for 30 mins, the screen went black, but had sound.I tried calling my sales rep using the numbers on the business card he gave me and attached to my receipt, no awnser. In total i called six number and was on hold for over 45 mins with no one getting back to me. So i decided to bring the tv back up the store, the store itself is not close to my house, it's a 30-40 minute drive. I arrive at the store and locate my sales rep whom I have been dealing with, I explain to him what is going on, and I tell him I have the TV out waiting in the car. He assists me in bring the tv from the car into the store where we tested it with another sales associate there. Both of them agreed after an unsucessfull test the tv was in fact defective. So i asked the associates if this was a common problem with this brand of TV, they explained to me that the "One Connect" box that comes with Samsung TV does in fact lead to a lot of returns. So hearing that, I decided to go with another brand. I chose with the assistance of my rep a Sony 75" HDR 4K Ultra HD tv. As I was checking out, my sales rep suggested I purchase the Best Buy warranty in case this should happen again to this set. After thinking about it, I took his advice and purchased it for another $329. He helps me place the set in my car and I return home. After setting the new Sony TV in my house, I turn it on and begin the set up procedure, immediatley the tv starts to freeze up and begins turning itself on and off. Irrate, I call my associate at once. He trys to tell me there must be something wrong with my Wifi because it sounds like the tv is not able to connect to the wife, I must have a weak signal I was told. I told him no, becasue i was not able to get that far in the set up to activate that function. He then tells me he is willing to come directly to my house so he can see it firsthand and walk through possible trouble shooting procedures to attempt to fix this new set. The following day, he does in fact show up, and I show him what I was talking about. He gets on the phone with a project manager, and they attempt to have me do multiple processes to fix this. Changing my cable boxes, different inputs, chords, after over an hour and a half he finally conceeds there is in fact a defective tv! He then goes on to tell me that they would come get the old tv and bring me a new one, sounded great to me, but then he hits me with "there is a 100$ charge for this" ! I was astoinished!! I had just purchased the Best Buy warranty and you're hitting me with another $100 charge to come get yet another defective TV from your business?? He tells me if they had delievered this TV in the first place, then I wouldn't have been charged for the pick and delivery of the new one! Why wasn't I told that in the first place!! So I'm being punished for actually going out of my way and bringing the defective one back and picking up a new one??  And how is this NOT included in the $329 warranty I purchased the day before?? Not only did I go back and forth twice, but I get two different brands and they both are defective?  In total both tv's were over 5,000$ in 3 days time, and it seems everytime I have a problem it costs me more money. Now as I sit here, I have a big non-working TV in my living room for 4 days now, as they could not fit me in till Saturday. Talk about speedy customer service and overpriced to boot. So buyer beware when it comes to Best Buy TV's I gather. And NO type of discount or anything was offered to help me. You would figure such a big company like Best Buy would aide thier customers when they spend ( and last minute charges get pushed on them without prior knowledge) so much money on faulty products one right after the other! Once this TV is paid off, I WILL  NOT EVER buy from Best Buy again! Numerous family and friends and co workers cannot believe this ordeal that I have been through and shying away from Best Buy because of what has happened to me. Its all about the buck and not the happiness of the customer. Enough is enough.