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3.5 months to get my Thermador

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We ordered a Thermador on June 28, 2019. It was to be delivered August 14th. We received a two days before it was delivered form the Best Buy Quail Springs location in Oklahoma (where we bought it) that it had arrived in the Dallas warehouse all dented up. I was told they would order me a new one with propane conversion kit. We understood. However on September 26th I hadn’t had an update so I called the same location. They told me the stove had been there when do I want it delivered. This made me unhappy we spent a lot of money on this and no one could tell me it had arrived after an error on Best Buy’s part. We agree to have it delivered Oct 9th. I got a call Oct 8th telling me that the stove wasn’t in her and would be in til Oct 12th so they would deliver it next week. So it was to be delivered on the 16th between 1-4 and 5:30 I call bestbuy customer service because the stove hadnt been delivered. I was told they had til 9:00p’ to deliver it. They did show up and brought the stove. Then we notice the propane kit we ordered wasn’t here so it can’t be installed. I called the store today at 12:45and was told it should have been delivered and I said it wasn’t and was promised I would receive a call back. We never heard back. At 8:00 my husband stopped on the store (we live and hour from there) and spoke to Cody {Removed per Forums Guidelines} who said it wasn’t his locations fault it was Stillwater, OK fault. This stove is a specialty item not sold out of Stillwater. I have installer coming Monday and after 3.5 months still can install my stove. He was unconcerned and was not the least bit sorry about this situation. We asked to speak to the GM because for the kind of money we spent we shouldn’t be chasing our purchase 3.5 months later. I will state that The Quail Springs location got the sale and they should own it. I do not care which store you say is responsible you are ALL BESTBUY. I want me propane kit by Monday before the installers get her. He told my husband to go guy and he would try to reimburse it. I have already paid for it. I want to speak to the leadership team of this store.

Thank you.

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Re: 3.5 months to get my Thermador

Greetings, ablankinship.

Thank you for taking the time to join our Community here on the Best Buy Forums. Although, I do sincerely wish it were under better circumstances. Upgrading your kitchen is typically a very fun and exciting time, so I regret to hear about all of the difficulties along the way. It's certainly never our intention for such things to happen.


Since posting with us on Friday, have you been able get in contact with the leadership team at the Quail Springs location regarding this?


Furthermore, if you are still in need of assistance regarding the delivery, please give us a call at (800) 304-1259 to be connected with a dedicated team that can assist further. This line is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Central Time, every day of the week.




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Re: 3.5 months to get my Thermador

If the store in Stillwater was marked as the delivery location, the Range and LP Conversion Kit would have been taken to that location.  My guess, having seen the conversion kit in it's little baggy, is that the Stillwater store was unfamiliar with that part and misplaced it.  Hopefully they can get you up and running ASAP.  

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Re: 3.5 months to get my Thermador

While I understand that it was sent to Stillwater all locations are Bestbuy and someone should be concerned with finding a resolution on this purchase and we keep getting passed around. It is unacceptable and I spend a lot of money at Best Buy and am going to take my business somewhere else. You response was as poor as the rest of them.
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Re: 3.5 months to get my Thermador



I do apologize that this has happened to you and it would never be our foal for you to feel passed around. 


Our Geek Squad Client Care team has been specially trained to assist with issues such as the one you are describing. I know that making more phone calls wouldn't be my first choice, but reaching out to them should be the last phone as they should be able to best assist. Our Geek Squad Client Care team can be reached at (800) 304-1259 between 8 a.m.–11 p.m. CT, 7 days a week.


If you have additional questions, please let us know and we would be happy to assist however we are able!

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