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when I get my laptop back (if ever) i will not be returning to BB

So I bought an $1800 MSI laptop and then put the 2 year protection plan on it, it worked great then had a accident I sent it in to get repaired only issue is that is my only computer so I cannot get BB's automated updates. So I call the store I call the geeksquad corprate number I go to the store I chat with geeksquad and for almost a entire month I get the runaround and I get different stories from every single person I spent 1800 on it and I wanted to know if they recived the computer to get that answer was like pulling teeth had to talk to 10 different people before I was told yes the store recieved it (rememeber I cannot get their automated updates) so I call a week later "no update' is what the person said on the phonenext day I chatted with a geeksquad person online (again friends computer) he said it was ready! and to pick up from the store iI drive all the way down there and after an hour and a half and talking to managers turns out no it is not ready it is still "waiting for parts" so I wait a week again and once again I get 10 different stories "parts are enroute" "parts haver been ordered"  "parts have arrived" parts still need to be ordered this was the same thing over and over and over again I can never get a stright answer from anybody it's been "escelated" 3 times by three different managers still nothing. I am so upset that I cannot get a straight answer I literally cried for several hours just because this whole issue is off the wall frustrating. I can't get a single straight answer from someone and I have been given the runaround for almost a month.


after this I am done with bestbuy I tried to file a formal complaint BB CS hung up on me after spending 30 minutes on the phone i decided not to call back it is not worth the hassle. I will never purchase anything from them again I have been a loyal customer for years 4 $1000 laptops over the years this $1800 laptop lastyear a $1700 desktop (that broke btw and they refunded my money) plus mice keyboards soundsystems headphones and numerous other items well this ends now, no more ,I will not spend another dime in BB.


I tried BB i gave you guys chance after chance and now you give me the runaround and can't tell me where my laptop is? i am so exhausted over this whole ordeal that I can't even be mad just super disappointed, too bad to I was just about to buy a 2080 TI but i can now promise in the next few weeks when I do purchase that $1200 video card it will not be from BB.

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Re: when I get my laptop back (if ever) i will not be returning to BB

I had a similar problem my laptop was there for over a month and they give me different stories and they refuse to tell me what parts they are putting in. After calling for 20+ times they finally told me they were waiting on hinges they ordered! This isn't what I asked for them to make it worse they kept saying that I'll get a call back in 1_2 days from the service center but they NEVER call they said that over 6 frustrating!
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Re: when I get my laptop back (if ever) i will not be returning to BB

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Well got the run around again spoke to the geeksquad manager in Albuqerque Chris {removed per forum guidelines} no new updates, I then requested the store manager, was told he was on vacation I requested a manager and spoke with John {removed per forum guidelines} he took down my information and said he would relay the information to Ben {removed per forum guidelines} the store manager. Hopefully I will get a call from him, I understand it takes time to repair a laptop and wait for parts but getting the runaround on the parts and then being told over and over and over "We sent you an email" after I keep notifying them they have my only computer and I can't check my email and getting several diferent stories over and over and over gets real old. This thing has been escalated 3 times so just to let people know it sounds like "escalation" does not do anything. 


That why I decided to try and get in touch with the store manager maybe corporate will listen to him cause nobody is listening to me. the customer service I am getting is absolutly horrendous. if someonone from best buy can contact me that would be great but I won't hold my breath cause I have called all the nunmber I have chatted online with geeksquad I have spoken to managers and nothing..... I even shwed one of the managers ( John {removed per forum guidelines}) the transcript of the chat with geeksquad saying "please collect it from the store" and even he was amazed at the transcript. 


everyday it's the runaround every day it's more of the same it's so sad BB's customer serivce has gone so downhill there was a reason why I keep chosing to go back and why I chose to spend about $10,000 with them over the years but after this experience i don't know if this is the service model then I will have to start looking elseware. was about to start building gaming system for two of my friends at first I was like go get the parts from bestbuy but now I think I might tell them to get them online and don't try and deal with best Buy's customer serivice anymore it's not worth the stress.  

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Re: when I get my laptop back (if ever) i will not be returning to BB

Hello, Customernomore8,


Having a computer out for service for a month is a long time, and I can imagine you are very eager to get it back, especially since it is your only computer. I would want my computer back, as well. Sometimes, it can take longer than originally anticipated to receive parts in for repairs, and while not ideal, we certainly wouldn't want to give your computer back to you if it wasn't repaired. 


I see that you mentioned already working with the store leadership on this, which is great. I've sent them over an email as well, to let them know that you've reached out to us here on our Forums page. The store leadership you are currently working with is in the best place to find out more about the parts delay and continue to provide you updates moving forward.


If you send us over a private message with your phone number, full name, and email, I can let you know once I've heard back from the store. Otherwise, they should be in touch.



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