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no help from management

This post is a last ditch effort to get some sort of help or response to an issue that we are having. 

I will preface my entire post with saying that in years past we have not had issues with Best Buy.   They have honored other issues we have had with technology.  When our TV went out with one month to go on the warranty, they honored it.  When a game console quit, they honored it.  This is why it has become very clear that customer service has taken a back seat at Best Buy and that they have not only made it extremely difficult to get a hold of anyone at a management level, but do not even help the paying customers anymore. 


In the middle of November my husband returned his xbox one x console to the store because we had troubleshooted all the issues we could at home.  We kept getting error messages. When it was purchased we spent the extra money and purchased the extended warranty through Best Buy, thinking that what we were doing was something that was worth it's weight in the price tag $$.  We have had to use such a thing before and thought it was worth it.  Not expecting to have to ever use it and we are ok with that. 


When the xbox x one finally put out a screen that was not fixable, my husband took it into our local best buy store in Waterloo, IA.  He had the original reciept showing that the warranty was paid for and such.  It wasn't easy, but they took it and said that they would send it in.  We thought it would be like the merchandise that we have had go bad on us.  That after this long it wouldn't be worth the repair, that Best Buy would honor the warranty and exchange it for a new console.  So we waited.  Nov 26th and email stated that our device was on the way to the service center.  Dec 4th, another email with a repair update and shipping soon.  When we didn't hear anything, my husband called and was told that it was waiting shipment and that they didn't know when it would ship out.   They didn't have anything else to ship and it could be months.   We find that very had to believe when it's one of the busiest times of year for shopping!  My husband would call about twice a week thinking he could go in a pick up his console, but when he called Best Buy today he was transferred a few times.  


Today, Dec 17th, he was told that they were unable to access any of the records regarding the device.  We have the entire paper trail.   So what happened to our machine?!  After being on hold for over a 1/2 hour, someone finally came back on the phone and said that I was being transferred to my local Best Buy in Waterloo.   Once I talked to someone in Waterloo they said that my ticket was closed and then reopened today.  How can something not be accessed while on the phone with the main best buy number, but then my local best buy store can magically tell me that it was reopened?   It isn't adding up. 


My husband asked to speak to a manager and they wouldn't transfer him to a manager. 

They kept telling him that it will be a few more days.  He explained that this is a ridiculous situation and that he has the extended warranty and that it should be honored and that the customer service regarding this issue has been nothing short of the worse customer service we have ever experienced. 


In going to the Best Buy website it is as if it is nothing but clickbait.   A person is trying to find a number or a list of phone numbers to contact a manager or regional office or SOMETHING.  Nothing is listed.  We see all the other posts from other people about how no one will contact them, no one will give them the follow-up customer service that should be honored from a business when making large purchases. 


This is just the beginning of our public posts.

Like others, we are ready to start posting publicly about the horrible customer service and how our console is "lost" or being repaired or who knows what is the true issue.  This could all be resolved if an exchange would take place for a new console instead of giving customers the run around. 

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Re: no help from management

Proving again that customer service is not at the best ---  everyone else's posts have responses and ours has none.

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Re: no help from management

Greetings DoreeCronan-


We appreciate the time you’ve spent writing to us on the Best Buy forums, and I want to welcome you to the community!  It does sound like there may be some confusion with the protection plan that was purchased and the way the store is handling the claim.  I’m hoping to point you in the right direction and lend a helping hand if possible!


The moderators on this site do work out of the Corporate Headquarters in Richfield, MN, along side other support teams.  If you’re looking for any updates on a unit that is out at the repair center, Track Your Repair, by clicking the link!  The full terms and conditions of our Geek Squad Protection Plans can be found online at anytime should questions arise of the coverage you have. 


I’d be more than willing to see if there are any notes which may provide a better insight on a completion date, but I’ll need some more information to get started.  Please click the blue button below to send your private message that contains your full name, phone number, email address, and Geek Squad service order number (14-digit number on your service order receipt).



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