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iwatch and apple support purchase together 12/2019

i was given an iwatch with icare--- at christmas--- it was purchased by my husband with credit card on line but picked up at best buy store   i have no recepit-- the watch is broken- not fixable  what do i do without a receipt? 

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Re: iwatch and apple support purchase together 12/2019

In an online purchase, your husband should be able to pull the information up via the account he made the order under his past orders.  As an online purchase, there isn't a way to find a traditional receipt but that should have all the necessary information.


With that said, you're in luck:  AppleCare is tied to the serial number of the Apple Watch itself and this should be verifiable via Apple's support website:


If your watch is not functioning, you can get that serial number from the bottom of the Apple Watch box or even within the Apple Watch app on your phone.  To get it from your phone, open the watch app.  Then select General > About.  You'll see the serial listed about halfway down the list.  To get support, you can either do it through Apple's phone support, make an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar, or if your local Geek Squad is an Apple Authorized Service Provider you could have it done there.


To see if your local store is Apple Authorized, you can check that at this link.



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