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issues uploading photo

I was asked to attach a photo of the open box label but for some reason i am having the hardest time. I have tried snipping it and dragging it or uploading a pic but it will not allow this. Is there  some other way 

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Re: issues uploading photo

Try it from a desktop instead of a mobile device, a browse for picture button is on the desktop version
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Re: issues uploading photo

Also interested in this ...


I saw a Moderator say you can copy/paste a photo to the composition box when writing a post and that doesn't work for me.  And when I click to add an image, it asks me for a URL where the image is located ... I can't upload from my computer directly .... and if I upload to a website and then put the link in ... the images show fine in the post as I am composing it and then they break once actually posted.